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Bear with me, after my ‘Oh for funnels sake’ headline all of a sudden I feel this need to come up with kitschy headlines when I write about funnels.

This could be an interesting series. 😉

I feel like a true geek when it comes to funnels.

Not because I’m a master of them, but because I’m finally seeing the value of a good funnel. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve understood funnels, what they are, how they work and have created plenty…

But something has clicked with me in the past 6+ months.

Probably because I have a physical product (the Content Creators Planner) and have seen first-hand what creating a simple funnel can do (if you missed my previous email on funnels, I was referring to having an ‘order bump’ and it works. You would have thought I had won the lottery by my reaction).

I also appreciate the elements that go into a funnel now. The psychology behind the copy, what entices people to buy, and how to improve something to get it to convert (or convert better).

The other reason I feel like a geek about funnels is that I love seeing them become more widely available to people.

Meaning, you don’t have to be a ClickFunnels user or developer to create funnels for your business.

While I think it’s safe to say we can credit Russell Brunson for popularizing sales funnels, not everyone wants to jump into a monthly recurring subscription for building funnels when they’re trying to manage so many other things in their business.

I have zero issues with monthly recurring subscriptions (other than with myself when I sign up for something and don’t use it, but that’s on me, not the company charging me), but if you’re not comfortable building pages on your own site or managing the tech you do have, do you want to take time away from your ‘zone of genius’ to learn another platform? (not that ClickFunnels is rocket science, but you get my point).

If your site is on WordPress you’re really in luck.

You now have a wide variety of options when it comes to building funnels with page builders.

Most page builders come with great templates for creating funnel pages.

But I’m going to do you one better.

There is a new product on the market and I’m BEYOND excited! (anyone else watch Kevin Hart’s Irresponsible special on Netflix? I saw him live last summer and now when I think of excited I hear him in my head screaming ‘SO ESSSITED!’ … it’s hilarious if you like him).

This is a product I had been begging a couple of friends to develop, but they were busy with other projects.

Which is why I was pretty dang happy when Matt Davies reached out to me to share ‘Funnel Packs’!

I’m going to share the product with you, but here’s a quick list of what Funnel Packs include:

– Use with Beaver Builder or Elementor

– Lead Magnet (yep! A fully editable lead magnet)

– Landing page

– Thank you page

– Welcome email

– Nurture emails

– Sales Emails

– Overview and Implementation Videos

– Recommended tools

– Localized English versions (US & UK)

The founders’ offer is running through May 31st, but today is the last day to lock in 10% off all future funnel packs.

Check out funnel packs here

And if you want a live demo, I’m hosting Matt on a live stream this Thursday at 9 am PST!

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