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My first (and only) reaction was, “NOOOOOOO!!!!” 😲

As someone who isn’t a professional designer, Canva suits my needs perfectly (although I do have Photoshop, but could probably do without it).

I think what Canva has created is pretty amazing (I love it). It’s at the forefront of where things are heading.

And we’ve all seen what happens when larger companies buy out smaller, innovative companies. They have a responsibility to shareholders first, not the customer. πŸ˜‰

Tools that were the standard “go-to” tools (like Adobe products) are losing market share for people who don’t need that level of complexity.

WordPress is another example.

At one point, there was no way I would have ever considered using anything but WordPress.


I want everything in one place and don’t feel like making so many things ‘talk’ to each other or deal with incompatibility issues.

We’ve reached a point where multiple options are available to get most things done online. What matters most is using whatever you’re comfortable using and will stick with.

Ignore my hopping from course platform to course platform… fingers crossed the new ClickFunnels 2.0 does the trick

My point in sharing all of this is that things are changing.

Never before would I have thought people would consider Wix more friendly than WordPress.

That image is from the Creator Friendly Index (created by Podia, some interesting data, but as with all data, it’s a small sampling).

Keep in mind there is a big difference between the everyday user and someone who uses these tools to provide a service for clients.

In the same way, tools are changing (and companies we thought would never lose market share are losing market share), marketing is changing.

It’s important to make sure you adjust your marketing to what is currently working.

It’s not about being loyal to specific platforms. It’s about having a solid foundation (a property you own, with valuable content written for people, and optimized for search) with a good content promotion plan.

How you market on social is changing as the algorithms adjust, video becomes more popular (short-form video, anyone?), and new places to publish written content continue popping up.

Some things that used to work will continue, but think about how you can test different marketing strategies and platforms without creating a part-time job for yourself.

Approach all of this like a test and have some fun with it.


A Little Brainpower 🧠

I’m going to be making a run ad updating my Twitter profile for the 3rd time this year (test test test!) and will follow these guidelines for the update. Read “Most Twitter Profiles Suck: 10 Annotated Profiles to Show You What to Do” by Rob Lennon.​

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Tool Time  πŸ› 

Here are some new tools I found for you this week!


I feel pretty good about my 20s, but definitely appreciate this! πŸ˜‚

in my 20s

I’m writing from a hotel in San Jose, Costa Rica. I officially had my first MRI today (for the herniated disc).

I’m definitely a little more claustrophobic than I thought I was πŸ˜‰, but after calming myself down, closing my eyes, and starting a meditation I managed to get through it (I truly thought I wasn’t going to be able to do it).

Will see the doc tomorrow for the results, but I’m pretty resigned to healing this on my own.

In fact, I’m actually really excited about it.

But more on that later.

On that note, it’s been a super long day and my evening pain meds are kicking in 😴.

Have a wonderful day my friends,

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