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I could tell my dog wasn’t healing well, and my gut told me something was wrong.

Her surgery was a month ago, and she wasn’t putting any weight on one of her legs. The leg she was walking on didn’t look right either, so back to the vet we went.

After x-rays, they discovered she’d need surgery.

Again (too long to explain here).

My poor pup. 😢 She’s been such a trooper.

This time I took her to the surgeon in Liberia (an hour away), and she’ll stay there for two weeks for physiotherapy, and they’ll monitor her (and they’re not charging me for the second surgery).

I took her yesterday, which wasn’t on the agenda this week.

Add to that, I pulled my back carrying her and can tell I’m getting sick (fingers crossed it’s not Covid, I’ll test in a couple of days if I’m not better).

Talk about never dull, right?

BUT… I’m not sharing this just to moan (never my goal).

Stay with me…

The night before I dropped her off for her second surgery I had all kinds of thoughts running through my head.

Pressure about things that need to be done, decisions to make, marketing to do (which never ends)… then I caught myself.

I was chatting with my daughter and heard these words come out of my mouth, “today isn’t the day to make any decisions or put any expectations on myself.”

Aria Stark Not Today

Aria Stark, Game of Thrones.

Not today.

This is one of the best parts about getting older.

You have enough life experience to know not everything has to be done, decided, discussed, or acted on… today.

This includes responding to people.

Not only did this feel like a massive personal victory, but I instantly relaxed about the things that do need to be done.

And guess what?

Everything got done, I’m not pushing myself, and the things I needed to cancel were cancelable (and everyone has been great).

It’s O.K. to give yourself some grace.

We all need to hit pause on the BS in our heads sometimes (if only it went away permanently 😉).

I’ll pick the dog up in a couple of weeks; my back is healing, and if I’m sick?

That will pass too.

In the meantime, I’ll do the best I can.

A Little Brainpower 🧠

Amanda Natividad is a pretty prolific creator. She’s the VP of marketing for SparkToro and has grown a significant personal brand. Read “5 Steps Amanda Natividad Took to 60X Her Audience in A Year (and Keep Growing It!)” here.

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Tool Time  🛠

Let’s get straight to it!

I sent this to my brother, so true… 🤣

I’ve got an upcoming podcast that Jodi and I recorded about the Content Creators Planner… stay tuned for that soon!

Lastly, I’m still committed to TikTok, even if my plans have gone a little sideways. My goal this week was 3 videos a day, which I hit on Monday.

The more I do it, the easier it gets.

Follow me on TikTok as I step outside of my comfort zone and share business, life, and some adventures of life in Costa Rica!

Have a wonderful day,


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