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Is it Friday yet? 🤪

I’m being a little dramatic, but it’s kind of been one of those weeks.

After getting some much-needed sleep after my sister & niece left, I was all fired up and raring to go!

I worked most of the weekend, and I was excited to kick off my “HitSend” challenge on Monday morning.

Then things went sideways.

Some tech glitches made me decide to move platforms (I moved it from Framework over to Podia as I already have an account and products in Podia, so there is no learning curve).

The team at Framework was great in how they handled it, but I had some other challenges with it and made an executive decision to move to Podia (more on Framework later, I still think they have a great product on their hands).

Then my power went out… 😲

At this point, it was kind of comical.

More than anything, I was grateful that none of this stressed me out (I think it’s a combination of Pura Vida, experience with tech, and age).

I don’t think I know an entrepreneur who hasn’t had something like this happen.

  • Technical glitches
  • The cart doesn’t work
  • Your internet/power goes out
  • Someone doesn’t show up
  • The email reminder didn’t go out

Or any other number of possibilities that keep things “interesting.”

The priority was getting the program moved and communicating with my customers. Easy enough (albeit it is a little tedious).

In fact, I even practiced making a TikTok video (I’ll post it soon, I literally just started working with my coach today and am going to do this correctly) about the nutty day I had.

Instead of freaking out I patted myself on the back for “Yoda-ing the bucket” out of my day (I’ve decided to turn Yoda into a verb).

This has been a conscious decision and lots of practice (and not always easy to do).


It’s days like this (or weeks or months), that show us what we’re made of and where our opportunities lie.

Even if you freak out, meltdown, or completely lose your sh*t, it’s O.K.

None of those moments are permanent.

Pay attention to how you process things because, more often than not, that’s all it is…. your process.

I’m a reactive person, so my initial reaction tends to be a little dramatic. Knowing this helps me move through it much faster and onto solving the problem.

I also want to point out that my customers have been great (still some wonky stuff going on), which happens when you develop a relationship with your list, take responsibility, and communicate.

All is well!

A Little Brainpower 🧠

There’s no denying Walt Disney was a visionary. A recent tweet from Eugene Chang showed his “growth flywheel” from 1957 (think content flywheel!). Read “The Disney Recipe” and see his drawing of his growth flywheel here.

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Jano le Reux is quickly becoming one of my favorite writers on Medium. He does a deep dive on specific companies or campaigns and this is no different. Read “Here’s A Marketing Strategy That’s Helping Masterclass Build A $3B Empire.”

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Tool Time  🛠

If you missed my email yesterday, I’m anxiously awaiting the ClickFunnels 2.0 release (October 4th). I shared why I’m probably moving my entire business to ClickFunnels here (saying Goodbye to WordPress. You can get a sneak peek of 2.0 in my post).

Here are some other tools I’ve found for you this week!

Unfortunately, this is true for me. The only downside to rainy season in Costa Rica for me 🤣

Costa Rica mosquitos

In Loving Memory 💞

3 years ago today we said goodbye to my Mom. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss her and will forever be grateful for all that she gave us, and most importantly, her love.
Loving you always Mom!

Not to end on a sad note…

Quite the contrary. I know how fortunate I’ve been to have the parents and family that I have. The only reason my heart hurts so much in missing my Mom is that the love is so deep.

I know she’s with me on this journey now, living in Costa Rica, and cheering me on with every new adventure.

Make the most of every moment my friends, it goes by too fast.

Have a wonderful day,

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