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To get myself back into work mode, I’ve tried to get caught up on emails, articles, and some of the curation I do for the newsletter this afternoon.

I dropped my sister & niece off at the airport this morning (the day before you get this) up at 5 am.

I miss them already but am happy to get back to my routine. I’ve been waffling between wanting to work and wanting to go to bed for the night (midday πŸ€£).

AND… today is my birthday πŸ₯³(the 6th).

A quiet afternoon was ALL I wanted (I celebrated with them yesterday, and I’m getting a massage tomorrow afternoon).

As much as I LOVE people… I require a significant amount of time for myself to refuel.

About two weeks ago, I caught up with one of my closest friends from California (from high school), and she said, “you’ve been more social down there in a year than you ever were here!”

Just an observation on her part, no judgment.

She’s absolutely right.

This has EVERYTHING to do with where I’m at in my life.

My kids are on their own, I live somewhere that requires very little of me, I feel better than I ever have about my business, and my life feels easy- i.e., it feels good.

This is why I have more energy to be social.

It’s also why I have less energy for people and things that don’t fill me up.

And MUCH less tolerance for anything that doesn’t “feel” right.

In my reading today I came across an article by Sean Kernan titled, “Why Elon Suddenly Stopped Tweeting – A look into the silence of Twitter’s biggest loudmouth.”​

In his second sentence, he says, “…even as someone who has “Elon fatigue,” Elon’s sudden absence…” (I bolded that sentence because I felt like FINALLY!).

The article was predominantly about what may or may not be happening with Elon’s bid to buy Twitter and what is happening with the stock price, but…

It was refreshing to hear an opinion about Elon Musk that wasn’t overly effusive and made me want to go shower after I read it.

(this ties in with tolerating less)

There are SO many amazing people to connect with, admire, respect, and support.

I’m so over egomaniacal people… regardless of what they’ve accomplished.

This article gave me hope that maybe other people are too.

I’m all for acknowledging accomplishment, but let’s spread the acknowledgment, shall we?

Suggestion: find ONE person who has created something worth sharing that doesn’t have a huge following, and give them some support.

*side note*
This feels like it may have gone a little sideways… bear with me. I’m still getting my groove back. 

A Little Brainpower 🧠

We all know we should do more than simply write “Click Here” on a call-to-action, but do we know what to write instead? Jano le Roux does… in fact, he “… Spent 30 Days Analyzing the Best Call to Action Buttons he Could Find on the Internet.” Great examples!

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There are a lot of myths about running a business. I’m going to go out on a short limb and say it’s because they’re outdated models. Either way, here are some myths you can let go of. Read “Debunking 8 Ridiculously Popular Myths About Running A Profitable Business” by Rachel Greenberg.​

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Tool Time  πŸ› 


I’ve not tried any of these, but here are a few gems I’ve collected for you that look interesting.

  • iPad Notes: As my obsession with all things “doodle” related continues, I came across this notes app for the iPad that makes be great for Sketchnoting. Check out Nebo here.
  • Book: Speaking of Sketchnoting, my aunt sent this book down with my sister for my birthday, and I can’t wait to dig in. Check out the Sketchnote Handbook by Mike Rohde here.
  • Video Editing: If you’re looking for a web-based video editor (for simple projects), this looks like it might do the trick. Try Media.io for free here.
  • Process mapping: This looks like it could handle many different processes – from internal to customer flows to marketing campaigns. Check out Shiftx.com here.​

Sometimes we could all use a little dumb humor 🀣

I thought I’d end this week’s newsletter with a quote that lines up perfectly with #FtheHUSTLE:

“You either walk inside your story and own it, or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness.”
​– BrenΓ© Brown

Here’s to owning our stories! πŸ₯‚

Have a fantastic rest of your week, my friends!

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