#FtheHUSTLE ~ 085 – A Marketing Lesson via Therapy

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I never thought I’d get a reminder about marketing in a therapy session.

And not just any reminder, but a reminder about one of the most important aspects of marketing.


My therapist asked me a question that jolted me into a new space in my brain. Then we ended up discussing our relationship (#awkward, but good).

Which later came full circle when I thought about marketing… and that the quality of your relationships (note I didn’t say quantity), is what will make the biggest difference in your business.

SO… I have a little marketing challenge for you.

You can put this into practice immediately AND… most importantly, it’s easy to keep up.

What to do: 

Pick TWO things you can do, every day, that you can do consistently that will support the growth of your relationships for your business.

Here’s my own example:

  1. Reply to an email I like: whether it’s a newsletter or simply a broadcast email from someone I’ve subscribed to.
  2. Give a thoughtful comment on a Tweet and/or share something positive about someone else I follow/read/admire.

Today I replied to an email from “Really Good Emails” thanking them for their email and then gave them a shoutout via Twitter:


Let go of any expected (or hoped-for) outcome.

Doing things like this builds a muscle within YOU that will 100% pay off for your business. Share, reply, or comment from a place of genuine appreciation and support for someone else.

Then watch the magic happen. ✨

A Little Brainpower 🧠

If you’ve been publishing a newsletter and are thinking about going the paid route, Dylan from Growth Currency has done a brilliant job of mapping out some options and what to consider. Read “To go paid or not to go paid?” here.

Related: How to Create a Paid Newsletter

Being the Harry Potter fan that I am, this title grabbed me immediately. I read it because the content was that good. If you love frameworks and applying them in business, read this (and subscribe to the newsletter!). Read “You’re a wizard, Harry” by Nathan Baugh here.

Related: Nathan Baugh’s newsletter, WorldBuilders.ai

Tool Time  🛠

More Notion awesomeness, a little something for ConvertKit, a directory option, and a free AI tool!

  • Notion Superpowers: I found this and passed it on to my friend Sandi, my Notion guru. It looks almost like mind-mapping your Notion components. Check out Flotion here.
  • ConvertKit: Brennan Dunn has turned his idea for better-looking ConvertKit templates into a full-blown SaaS. Check out Palladio for ConvertKit here.
  • Directories: I was looking at this for an email swap directory for Jason Resnick & me with Deliverit (our newsletter on building an email list from scratch). Check out Brilliant Directories here. 
  • Free A.I Writing: I‘m a huge fan of these tools when you use them appropriately (i.e., put the time & effort in). This is a new 100% free A.I. writing tool. Try Octie for writing here.

I’ve often wondered why cereal bags aren’t sealable 🧐

I’ve got my last visitors here for a while (my August guests canceled…ultimate time lottery! 😉) and am going to enjoy the next few days with them (sister & niece), then it’s back to a normal work routine.

We’ve had a lot of rain these past two months, and I’m hoping for more sunshine in July!

Have a wonderful day, my friends,


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