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Whenever I travel I always, always, always add in a day before the trip and a day after I get home to regroup and get my head straight.

And truthfully, it’s probably more like a couple of days on the return side of things so I can ease back into my work schedule and life in general. 😎

I have processes like that for my business as well… and I’m starting to document them.

As someone who loves doing “ALL the things” – sometimes I need to put that excited little kid inside of me in a time-out to regroup and create a plan.

I set 90-day goals and plans but I tend to be more of a week or month at a time (longer-term goals are the BIG goals, created from intention and what I want my life to look like).

With my recent decision to go all-in with #FtheHUSTLE on KimDoyal.com and move the email marketing, newsletters, and writing services to a different brand (the site will be live next week), I needed to take a BIG step back and get things out of my head.

I felt a little all over the place and not sure where to start.

I started doing that in Excalidraw, but went back to my colored pens and paper:

pen & paper

The document underneath the one you see is broken into two columns: Projects & Courses.

The projects include:

The Courses column is empty (I needed to put it aside to get back to other things for now), but this is for the courses and programs I’ve INVESTED in.

I’ve been very conscious about what I purchase and invest in over the last few years. I only invest in things that are in alignment with what I’m working on now and what I ultimately want to create.

Because I’ve invested the money into these programs I need to make sure I invest the time into them as well.

I’m pleased to say I’ve made progress on them all at different times, but I need to focus on one at a time.

The point in listing them all is to remind myself that I have them AND to prioritize my learning.

One example is CopySchool. This isn’t something I need to “finish” to achieve a specific outcome immediately. It’s to learn and practice copywriting.

I can schedule small chunks of time during my week to get through this program (much like I’m doing with Duolingo to learn Spanish 😉).

If you feel like you have too much on your plate or are feeling like you don’t have a starting point (I’m not talking about a ‘to-do’ list), then I highly recommend getting pen and paper out and get as much out of your head as possible.

Both of these documents will be hanging next to my desk so I see them every day.

Do whatever works for you, just do it (Thank You, Nike 😜).

A Little Brainpower 🧠

We can all agree that creating content consistently can be hard. Naturally, it’s easier with processes and systems, but sometimes it can feel like a struggle. Here are “5 Tools Creators Can Use To Show Up Even On The Hard Days” by Ev Chapman here.

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Don’t forget to acknowledge what you HAVE accomplished. These milestones are more important than the things that haven’t worked. I’m not too far from 2 years of publishing #FtheHUSTLE! Jay Clouse shared 11 lessons from 5 years of publishing his newsletter.

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Tool Time  🛠

I’ve done more writing this past week than testing tools, but have no fear, I have a few to share. 😉

A Business Framework 🚀

This is one of my favorite frameworks from the Expert Secrets book by Russell Brunson.

The Improvement Offer vs. the New Opportunity

In this quick video, Russell maps out how to create a mass movement and start thinking differently about what you’re offering.

Watch “How to Attract Customers – The 3 Keys to Marketing to the Masses” here.

Talk About Mindset… 🤣

Want to spend a few days with me in Costa Rica?


Right now I’m simply gauging interest, but I’m going to host my first ever #FtheHUSTLE LIVE event in Costa Rica later this year (possibly Jan. or Feb. of 2023 at the latest).

This will be a 3-day, in-person event! We’ll go deep with business strategy, marketing, and mindset (and probably hit the sunset catamaran cruise). This first event will be small: 5-10 people. I’m looking at a private house or hotel (depending on the time of the year).

Click here to let me know if you’re interested.

I hope your June is off to a great start!

Pura Vida,

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