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I want to introduce you to someone (my little friend). Or maybe it’s a ‘something’…

Meet my “ego” … 👇


Yea, I gave it a name, which you can figure out even though I tried to keep it PG.

I found this little visual years ago when I realized how often I get in my own way.

And for a little refresher, here’s the actual definition of the word ego:
“a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance.”

I’ve been head down working on the new version of Email Insiders Accelerator (the ‘accelerator’ part is new). As I get closer to launching this my ego keeps popping up trying to derail me.

Common ego thoughts:

  • I have so much work to do (and not enough time)
  • I should push this out further
  • What if no one signs up?
  • There are other people doing this (there aren’t)

This is where thought management comes in.

Obstacles and challenges are part of building a business – no matter what stage you’re at. The difference between people who continue to scale is that they manage their thoughts and don’t let their egos take the wheel.

Having the visual of the little devil for my ego helped me reframe the power I was giving my thoughts.

As soon as the doubt kicks in or I realize I’m giving way more energy to things that really don’t matter (and aren’t even TRUE), I picture this little devil and more often than not, the fear vanishes.

Anytime we’re doing something new or stepping outside of our comfort zone we’re going to have thoughts of doubt and/or fear.

This is simply an indicator that you’re on the right path.


Growth requires work and it’s not always comfortable, but it’s always worth it.

What to do:

You’ll have to find what works best for you, but find a few things that help you reframe and shift those thoughts.

I allow myself the time to have the feelings (without telling stories), give myself permission to do what feels best (it might be a nap, a walk, or a call with a friend), then get back to work.

Managing a simple task that I can check off as completed helps me get my momentum going again.

Find what works best for you, do it, and commit to not letting your ego take control.

A Little Brainpower 🧠

You’re going to want to bookmark this article. Justin Brooke is known for his Ad Agency & training. Here he shares how he tested a handful of social media strategies. Read “I Spent $20,000 Testing Social Media Strategies, Here’s What I Learned…”

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I love discovering new frameworks I can use in my business. Copywriting frameworks are a lifesaver – here’s another great framework for sales pages from Robert Allen. Read “The Simplest Sales Page Formula (You’ve Never Heard of Before).

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Tool Time  🛠

I’m pleased to share that I’m still all in with Notion (albeit a novice still) and outside of that I haven’t had much time to look at anything else, but I’ve still found a few gems for you this week!

*BONUS tool: If I’m not listening to a podcast or music, my default when I’m working is nature sounds. This is a great tool for background noise. Use Vawe free here.

I noticed this last time I was in the states… she nailed how I felt when I saw this too! 🤣

Tip Time 

One of my list growth strategies is to use other platforms to drive traffic to my opt-in (Easy Email Marketing). I’ve started to go back through my posts on Medium and am adding an image that links to a landing page.

However, Medium doesn’t make it ‘easy’ to insert a link.

👉 Once you’ve clicked on your image and it has a green border, you have to press Command+K on a Mac or Control+K on a PC to get the option to insert a link.

In the upcoming weeks I’m going to be testing some new segments (like the ‘Tip Time’). I’d love your feedback on what’s helpful, or what you want more or less of.

Here’s to hoping your May is off to a great start!

And Happy Cinco de Mayo 🍹🥑🌮
(there’s no Margarita emoji, so pretend that’s a Margarita)


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