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When my kids were little we had one of those wooden play structures in the backyard (slide, climbing, swings, etc.).

I remember when I decided to put an in-ground pool in the backyard that my son and I (he was bout 5 at the time), went up into the little ‘fort’ of the play structure to watch the pool crew dig the hole for the pool.

My son loved it! The first thing I noticed was that the pool was going to be shorter than I thought (seeing something on a blueprint vs. in-person – HUGE difference!).

I went back to the pool company and asked if we could extend the pool by a foot or two.

Amazing what a little perspective can do.

I felt the same thing about having friends in Costa Rica this past week. I’d like to think I don’t ever take for granted where I live, but seeing and hearing the appreciation through my friend’s eyes made me really proud of what I’ve created here.

And that I made this move.

It’s so important to do this in your business too.

Getting a different perspective can be as simple as:

  • Taking some time off / away (even when you feel like you *should* be working).
  • Looking at how far you’ve come! Make a list of everything you’ve accomplished with your business (not just monetary – think about new skills, relationships, behaviors, etc).
  • Get off social media for a few days. I’m still sticking to my new habit of no social media on my phone in the mornings. I’m in awe of the impact.
  • Working somewhere different! There’s a restaurant right by the beach here that put in little ‘cabanas’ with wifi… I’m going to take myself there and work from my laptop one day.

A different perspective is good for your mental health AND for inspiration.

Whenever I’m away from my desk for a while when I do get back to work I feel a whole new energy level.

This is also a GREAT way to get out of that “stuck” feeling that happens to all of us.

Suggestion: Do one thing differently to mix up your day-to-day routine and note how it shifts things for you.

Bonus if you can do something that feels fun! 😉

A Little Brainpower 🧠

I hadn’t used WhatsApp in a long time until I moved to Costa Rica (everyone uses it here). This new feature makes community groups a little more interesting. Read “WhatsApp Announces Communities to Enhance Group Chats in the App.” 

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I’ve liked Instagram stories since they came out, but haven’t ever been super consistent (I think I’ll just do Costa Rica pics and call it a day 🤣 kidding). Here are “25 Instagram Stories Ideas to Level-Up Your Social Strategy.”

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Tool Time  🛠

There is no lack of tools this week (only a lack of time to test and play 😉). Here’s what I found for you!

  • Optimized Checkout: Conversion-optimized checkout flows and upsells (similar to ThriveCart). Check out Spiffy Checkouts here.
  • AI Writing: Unbounce has released a FREE AI writing tool that moves with you from a document to a blog post to an email & more. Use Smart Copy free here.
  • Social proof: Take all those glowing social comments and put them on your website on one page! Get started for free with Famewall here.
  • Sketch & Doodle: I can’t believe I haven’t shared this! Create unique sketch & doodle images for your content, products and more with this tool (desktop app). Checkout SketchWow here.

When Good Things Happen to Good People

I think this is one of the coolest stories ever!

The cartoonist, known as “The Oatmeal” (Matthew Inman), has taken his card game, “Exploding Kittens” (that had a million dollars in 24 hour Kickstarter Launch) and is making it a series on NETFLIX!

Exploding Kittens

I love that he followed what he loved and it’s probably grown beyond his wildest dreams! I wonder how many people told him he couldn’t make living drawing cartoons? 

Here’s a picture of the “cabanas” I’m going to test working at. Not a bad place to work for an afternoon, huh?

FtheHUSTLE Newsletter

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