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I had a call today with a subscriber who responded to an email I sent about email marketing.

This was the subscriber who responded to me last week about “people assuming you HAVE a list” (I shared this in last week’s newsletter, you can read that here).

We had a great call (I love connecting with new people), and outside of giving her some specific list-building strategies, there was one dominant thing “missing” from what she’s doing.

Her messaging wasn’t quite right.

She had put a lot of time & energy into SEO and keywords, but I didn’t hear her voice in her content.

There wasn’t a strong enough “hook” that would attract her ideal customer.

I’ve always found it easier to write in my own voice than to write from a marketing message… i.e., copywriting.

It takes practice (which I am always doing)… and will have the BIGGEST ROI when you put in the time and energy.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve told coaching clients to let go of writing for the search engines and write/create from the heart.

Does SEO matter?

Absolutely… but if you’re only writing for the search engines you may end up sounding like another “flat” piece of content.

You’ll probably also end up on page 10 (or lower) of Google if they’re competitive keywords.

How you differentiate yourself is by beingYOU.

Practice writing in your own voice and work on your hook/message.

Then make sure you’re promoting and sharing whatever it is you create… over, and over, and over again.

Next, look at the metrics.

Double down on what’s actually working.

Love him or hate him, Russell Brunson is a master of the “Hook, Story, Offer” framework (I *think* it might be his framework). It’s worth watching his live talk about it from Funnel Hacking live here. 

Spend more time on the copy, messaging, and using your voice – it will help you get more leverage out of what you’ve already created.

A Little Brainpower 🧠

I’m going to continue the theme with some great content on crafting headlines & messages. Here’s a great place to start… read, “I Wrote 200+ Headlines. These 10 Went Viral and Got 185k Views” by Victoria Kurichenko.

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David B. Clear has quickly become one of my favorite Medium writers (I subscribe to his Substack newsletter as well). This piggybacks off of the intro post of this newsletter. Read, “Why SEO Is a Waste of Time for Most Online Writers” here.

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Tool Time  🛠

Some fun finds this week! I’m testing a couple to replace other tools.

  • Zoom killer: How’s that for copy? 😉 This new meeting tool looks smooth, has note-taking, and has a free forever plan! Try Vowel here.
  • No more downloads: A personal cloud computer for your favorite apps! No more downloading! Try neverinstall for free here.
  • Run classified ads: I’m going to be adding classifieds and sponsorship to this newsletter, so have started looking at options. This WordPress plugin looks like a good option. Check out AWP Classifieds here.
  • Twitter threads: while you don’t need a tool to write Twitter threads, this one makes it a lot easier. Try Chirr App here.

Latest podcast episodes 

I’ve got two new podcast episodes I haven’t shared with you (got a little distracted having guests in town).

I had a great conversation with my good friend, Kyle Van Deusen about mindset in business, and newsletters, and feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

Listen to “Trial, Error, and Lifestyle with Kyle Van Deusen, FTH: 087 here.

After a session with my therapist last week, I did a deep dive on why I’ve continued talking with her (almost 19 years later) and how it’s impacted my business.

Listen to, “Why I Still Talk to My Therapist – 18 Years Later (and the Impact on My Business) FTH: 088

I wish I had this much wit when I was a kid 😂

CEX – Creator Economy Expo

Doesn’t the world need an event for content creators that doesn’t focus on platforms we can’t control?

Your wish is our command. CEX – Creator Economy Expo is the event developed for content creators, by content creators. May 2-4th in Phoenix.

Creator Economy Expo

Have a fantastic day!


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