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I sent out a tweet this week about the power of getting out of your day-to-day environment for a refresh.

My trips to California are usually pretty busy (squeezing in visits & running errands to bring things back to Costa Rica), but this trip I stayed in Southern California to spend time with my daughter (as opposed to trekking up to the Bay Area where the rest of my family is).

In addition to feeling “full” from spending time with her, I’m in awe of how recharged I feel about my business.

When you love what you do it’s easy to do it a LOT.

There’s always more you can do with an online business and I’ve finally accepted the fact that it’s never really “done.”

Yes, we complete projects and things on our to-do lists, but we fill them up with new projects or hopefully, deeper work.

I’ve been doing some work while I’m here, but the clearer I’ve gotten on where my focus is the easier it is to set up a time to be “away” without feeling like I “should be working” (the ‘away’ can just be a day off away from the computer).

It’s crazy how quickly we forget that being away from work can actually (and usually does), inspire better work.

Taking time away can feel contrary when you have a lot of work to do or a lot on your plate, but I promise you it will pay off – and the only way to learn this is to practice it.

There’s a difference between trusting the process and stepping away from what you’re doing as opposed to deciding “I don’t feel creative right now so I’m going to binge-watch something” (and no judgment on binge-watching).

Of course, there are times when we have to do a little “entrepreneurial adulting” and get the work done, but do yourself a favor and mix it up:

  • Go for a walk (I’m guilty of not doing this enough and I live less than 10 minutes from the beach 😲 )
  • Get coffee/lunch/dinner with a friend – don’t set a limit on the time
  • Take a different route (although with gas prices…) and listen to something that inspires you
  • Read a novel (most of what I read is non-fiction)
  • Remember hobbies? Get back into one, without the expectation of it needing to be a new habit or something you have to keep up with for ‘X’ amount of hours
  • More time with animals & kids – they’re SO present and the love is unconditional (the hardest part of traveling is leaving my pups)

Whatever you do… make the commitment to yourself that you’re going to thoroughly enjoy who you’re with, where you’re at, and what you’re doing.

The work will be there when you get back.

A Little Brainpower 🧠

Well, this is pretty handy. We all know Instagram loves its Reels (much higher views than anything else). Here’s a way to convert your Stories Highlights into Reels. 

Want to get a little more love for that blog post you spent hours on? Learn how to get your content to appear in Google’s Featured Snippets (it’s more than using the right keywords). Read the step-by-step guide here.

Tool Time  🛠

My personal goal is to get better use of the tools I already have (novel idea 😂), but I do love discovering new tools to share. Here’s this week’s list:

  • Video & customer service: this looks like a great way to engage with potential & returning customers. A video chat widget where people can reply. Try VidPopup free here.
  • Twitter: the more I dig, the more value I find (my highest traffic source in terms of social). This tool gives you a little more insight into what’s working. Use Tweelog free here.
  • Twitter threads: I LOVE Twitter threads… but they can be a pain to read. Next time grab the link and drop it into Thread Reader!
  • Publishing content: I’m about to embark on another round of Ship30 (more on that later) and LOVE this tool for publishing “atomic essays” and Twitter threads. Start with Typeshare for free here.

FREE Twitter Threads Workshop 🥳

In last week’s podcast episode I talked with my good friend Karen Michaels (she’s on the reasons I’ve gotten back into Twitter). Karen has a love of all things social media so I asked her if she’d present a free training on “How to Use Twitter Threads.”

Don’t worry if you can’t attend live, she’ll have a replay but you need to register! 👇

What: Twitter Threads – Grow, Engage, Sell

When: Wednesday, March 16th, 2022

Time: 9 am PST, 11 am CST, 12 pm EST

This is what I tell myself anyway… 😂


Now I’m off to pack up all the crap stuff I’m bringing back to Costa Rica with me. In addition to my own stuff, I’m the “mule” for friends when I make these trips too, which I’m happy to do. I’m grateful for good friends 🥰.

Have a fantastic day!


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