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I made a big decision along with a big investment for my business this week.

The last couple of years has been about getting clearer on what I want to be doing and more importantly, how I want to do it.

Last fall I was close to launching an FtheHUSTLE community.

I had spent months planning it, mapping it out, and working with my coach.

The closer it got though the more stress I started to feel.

Not about doing the work, but how a membership/community would impact my life (keep in mind: a membership doesn’t have to consume your life, this was my own belief and thoughts about how I had to deliver it).

So I changed my mind (remember- it’s YOUR business, you get to change your mind).

The one thing I did last year that I had the most fun doing (and worked really well), was Email Insiders.

What do I love doing most in my business?

Writing, podcasting, and connecting with people (Email Insiders was a small group where I got to know everyone).

I’ll share more about my investment later (the program, what I’m learning, etc.), but here’s the kicker: even though it was a little nerve-wracking (it’s a 6-month program and it’s over a 5-figure investment), I feel 100% solid in my decision.

Because I’m ready.

I’ve been “doing the work” and not only do I have the skillset, but more importantly, I have the mindset.

One of the best things you can do for your business is making your mindset your #1 priority.

Do whatever it takes to manage your thoughts.

The first step is taking 100% responsibility for everything in your life. You can’t control everything that happens to you, but you can absolutely control how you respond.

The fact that I made this decision very consciously (it’s not a shiny object) and very deliberately, has made all the difference.

Whatever you choose to purchase or invest in for your business, take complete responsibility and make sure it’s a conscious decision.

You’ll be amazed at how you feel when you come from that place.

A Little Brainpower 🧠

This is interesting… there are more and more options for writing and publishing online. It looks like Twitter is considering longer form content as well. Not sure how I feel about this. Read “Twitter Tests New ‘Articles’ Option, Potentially Enabling Long-Form Posts in the App” here.

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Naming things feels like it should be easy (finding a dot com for a brilliant name can be a challenge), but it’s not. Even though this is for membership tiers, it’s helpful for naming anything. Read “How to Choose the Best Membership Tier Names” here. 

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Tool Time  🛠

I’m deep in implementing mode, so not a lot of playing with tools recently, but I still found plenty to share.

Not business-related: A friend shared this with me and I LOVE it! I don’t bother trying to mail things from Costa Rica, but this has changed all that! Pick a card and an artist will HAND write your message and mail it for you! I’ve already used this and it was fantastic! Check out PunkPost here.

I sent this to my sister (who has thicker hair than me)… and this is why I still have bangs 😂


Lastly, if you missed my email yesterday, I’ve launched this with my friend, Jason Resnick.

We’re going to “build in public” and show you how to grow an email list… from zero!​

Check out Deliverit here.

Have a fantastic day,


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