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Welcome to Pura Vida in Costa Rica. 🌴

I had an appointment this morning, came back ready to jump into work, and before I could even get to my computer the power went out.

My building has wifi also, which is great for times like these (why that still works but the rest of the building is out is a mystery to me, but I’m grateful).

Fortunately, there’s a nice breeze today so I’m not missing the air conditioning. I’m sitting out on the patio with the dogs, enjoying the moment (debating on moving the chaise lounge so I can see the ocean, but I can still hear it).


I’ve consciously been taking more moments like this over the past week.

After being sick the smallest things feel like gifts.

As entrepreneurs/business owners it’s so easy to get caught up in “producing” that we miss the little moments that make it all worth it.

Before Christmas I had shared that I had been thinking about where I would head after my lease was up in Costa Rica.

For some reason I felt pressure to make a decision (self-inflicted of course).

Even though I knew I didn’t need to make a decision yet (my lease is through the end of May), I felt like I needed to “do” something.

After my trip back at Christmas (which was lovely), and being sick I’ve decided I’m going to stay put for a while.

I love the simplicity of my life right now. It completely supports my business and personal goals, so what’s the rush?

It’s easy to feel like you should always be “doing” – but the problem is that you need to stop and refuel once in a while.

Here’s a quote that will make you stop and think about taking time for those moments:

“What you appreciate, appreciates.

Take time to stop and look around at how far you’ve come, what you’ve already accomplished and the amazing people in your life.

I promise when you do that you’ll find more showing up in your life.

A Little Brainpower 🧠

Cohort-based courses have made a big impact on the course industry. With a cohort based course you take it along with other students and the instructor with a live component included (live Q&A, classes, community, etc.). Thrive has written a great post on “How to Succeed with Cohort-Based Courses” here.

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Learning to write good headlines that grab attention is a skill set you can easily learn (well, not so sure about the easy part haha… lots of practice). Having a template or framework helps tremendously. Here are “7 High-Converting Headline Formulas” by Samuel J. Woods you can use today.

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Tool Time  🛠

Looks like we’re off to a good start with tools in 2022! I think we’re going to see some “game changers” this year!

This was hilarious... 🤣

My good friend Matt Medeiros called me out on Twitter when I posted a picture of my “Mood” (blue skies and the ocean). Other people jumped in and posted “whatever @kimdoyal” with more snow pictures.

Kim Doyal

I’ve got a little sneak peek for you of something I’ve been working on…

email templates

More on that next week 😊 .

For those of you who have been hit with freezing temps and lots of snow I hope you’re staying warm and enjoying some cozy days!

Have a fabulous day,


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