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Let’s just go ahead and start this off with a big ol’ HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 🥳

know it’s a day before New Year’s Eve, but I’ve been saying Happy New Year to anyone I’ve talked to since the day after Christmas.

Because let’s face it, even though the 1st is just like any other day, we could all use the hope and possibility that a New Year brings.

I was listening to a podcast the other day that was going on about how New Year’s resolutions just set you up for failure, disappointment, etc., and that there is nothing different or magical about the New Year.

It’s just a belief we’ve created about it.

Is there truth to this?

Sure… but FFS… if it makes you feel good?

Then DO WHATEVER works for you.

The eternal optimist in me is getting pissed (which is a pretty funny sentence in and of itself).

Could we stop judging people for things that make them happy?

I get that with marketing there is value in taking a stance and being polarizing… but…… YAWN. 🥱

If journaling about your “New Year, New You” works for you? Have at it.

If it makes you feel bad about what you did or didn’t do last year?

Do something else.

This is why I focus on setting intentions instead of goals.

Intentions simply work better for me.

That doesn’t mean I’m not specific.

I definitely have things I want to achieve, accomplish, etc., but choosing an intention about how I get there and how my life feels keeps me in the flow.

As soon as I switched from goals to intentions, everything felt easier

.And *most* of the intentions I’ve set have come to fruition (and those that haven’t are getting closer, so no complaints here).On the flip side, whether you set intentions or goals, you’re going to have to allow for setbacks, lessons, and challenges.

I’ve now been in Costa Rica for 7 months (talk about time flying). I’ve recently been thinking that I want to move back to the states after my lease is up.

Then I went to California for Christmas (wonderful visit with family & friends)… and holy moly. I missed the simplicity of my life in Costa Rica.

California will always be home but there are just too many people there for me.

And it was lovely to come back and have Costa Rica feel like home.

For now 😉.

Sometimes it’s just about getting “ready” for the next thing, even if we’re not sure what (or where) that is (hint: I’m thinking North Carolina).

All this to say that no matter how you start the New Year, do whatever feels best for YOU.

I’m looking forward to my first Pura Vida New Year’s Eve with a few friends here and am looking forward to the possibilities of 2022.Cheers to you! 🥂

A Little Brainpower 🧠

Never in a million years would I have thought I’d be writing as much as I do (and loving it). The best part is that I’m really loving going deeper with the craft itself and how it can be a primary source of traffic in my business. This is why this article by Tim Denning got me excited. Read “The Writing Trends That Will Define 2022 (Get Fired Up)” here.

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My primary focus for 2022 is to grow my email list. This is where I get the best results, connect with the most people, and have the most fun. I know I’m a bit of a broken record with this, but not focusing on email marketing sooner is my only business regret. Newsletters are a great place to start with email marketing. Read “The secret to faster newsletter growth? It’s already in your list” by Steph Knapp here. 

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Tool Time  🛠

Since we’re talking about list growth…let’s focus on a few things that will help you do that!

  • Referrals: I’m finally getting my referral program back up in January. Referrals are a great way to grow your list. My tool of choice is Sparkloop.
  • Twitter to email: let your twitter followers subscribe to your newsletter via a visual card on your profile (multiple platforms available). Check out RevSync here.
  • Capture emails: Not a new tool, but still my favorite. ConvertBox is easy to use, looks great, and allows you to use conditional logic so you’re not bothering current subscribers. Get ConvertBox for one lifetime price here.
  • Giveaways/contests: Running a giveaway or a contest with a viral component is a great way to grow your list (just make sure your prizes are specific to your business). Check out UPViral for your next contest or giveaway.

If you’re not ready to make any decisions about the New Year, that’s O.K. too 😉

making decisions

In addition to appreciating the warm weather in Costa Rica, coming home to my dogs was one of those simple pleasures. They went pretty nuts and were quite happy to see me.

I’ve decided that my business should make me feel as joyful as my dogs.

So there’s one intention for 2022 😂! And one I think that will be easy to attain.

Whatever you’re hoping for in the New Year, know that I’m rooting for you!

Cheers my friends! 🍻


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