#FtheHUSTLE ~ 058 – A Little Chaos & Toby the Puppy

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We made it! ðŸŒŸ

Well, almost… with one week left to go in 2021 I think we’re good (as much as I’m trying to stay present and enjoy this time in California, I’m looking forward to the New Year).

Whether or not you celebrate Christmas, I hope you’re taking some downtime this week and next.

I’m actually heading back to Costa Rica a few days early next week. Christmas has gone a little sideways with the new variant, so not everyone will be able to join us. Fortunately, I’ll be able to see all my family, just not all together.

This trip, as fun as it’s been, has also been a little chaotic.

Chaos can be viewed in a few different ways.

A mentor recently said “chaos births beauty”… so I’m going to trust that.

A little chaos can also go a long way towards gaining clarity.

As an example, here are a few things I’ve gained clarity on recently:

  • I’ve had my fill of Disneyland for a while ðŸĪĢI love it, but I can do without the crowds
  • Trying to squeeze as much as possible into one trip is a surefire way to overwhelm myself
  • I need as much white space in my personal life as I do my business
  • Sometimes the “thing” that will change everything is right under your nose (why do we make things so difficult?)
  • Boundaries have to come first: when you’re clear on your boundaries everything else is easier


As you wind down this year I truly hope you take some time to look at everything you’ve accomplished this year.

Focus on the things you’ve completed, the things you’ve chosen to end (or not finish), the wins, and just as important, the days you’ve chosen to check out because you needed a mental health day.

This is also why I’m going to keep this short and sweet this week.

This girl is tired.

With 4 days left here and 2 days of travel back to Costa Rica I’m going to check out until I’m back.

I’ll be back with a regular newsletter next week but until then…

… I wish you more time with loved ones

… Rest and peace of mind as we wind this year down

… Work that you love

And, for those of you who are going through your first holiday without someone you love, my heart goes out to you. Be gentle with yourself. âĪ

Before I sign off, I figured a little puppy love would go a long way.

I’m missing my dogs but I’m getting my fix with my sister’s little guy.

This is “Toby.”

And he is the cutest little nugget! ðŸĨ°

Merry Christmas & much love to you all!


p.s. I’ve got a little update on my next adventure after Costa Rica next week! Stay tuned…


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