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I had a session with my mentor yesterday (aka, my therapist), and it knocked me for a loop.


I feel like a different person.

(stay with me here, this relates to your business, I promise).

In the many, many years I’ve been working with her I don’t think I’ve ever said “I don’t want to do this today.”

But that came out of my mouth yesterday.

We continued with what we were doing because at that point the emotions were already up and I knew in my gut that I needed to clear this because it was getting in the way of well… a lot of things.

It was probably one of the hardest things I’ve done with her (which is saying a lot because she’s helped me with the loss of my husband and my Mom).

Even though yesterday was hard (and incredibly draining), it was worth every second.

One of the things I’ve been working on quite a bit with her over the past year is managing my thoughts.

Which sounds a whole lot easier than it is, considering we have over 6,000 thoughts a DAY!!!

The nutty thing about that is that SO many of the thoughts we think each day are the same thoughts we had the day before (or some version of those thoughts).

Much of what we think is on auto pilot and we’re not even aware of it.

I used to think I was great at managing my thoughts because I’m a pretty positive, optimistic person (ignorance truly is bliss)… not so much.

When I feel off or can’t put my finger on what I’m feeling it’s usually because I’m doing a number on myself in my mind.

Here’s how this can show up in your business:

  • You avoid doing the work that really needs to be done (i.e, making the offer, emailing for a sale, etc.). I call these “False Priorities” (more on that later)
  • You don’t raise your prices because you’ve told yourself people won’t pay more (and you have zero evidence that this is true – often times people don’t pay/buy because your message or position is off)
  • You say yes to things that have nothing to do with your vision and what you want to accomplish
  • Scope creep: your clients end up with tons of free work from you (too many reasons to list here for this one)
  • You constantly look to someone else for your solutions when most of the time you just need to do a little “Entrepreneurial Adulting” (i.e, learn to be comfortable with the discomfort)

You can’t grow without learning to manage your thoughts.

In order to get where you want to go, you have to step outside of your comfort zone, whatever that looks like.

If you’re looking for a little guidance in this area, I highly recommend just about anything by Dr. Joe Dispenza.

You’ve got this. 😉

A Little Brainpower 🧠

I LOVE this! There’s so much pressure to build your “brand” today…and it’s easy to get caught up in feeling like you need to be doing more. “And your personal brand is only as valuable, only as recognizable, only as consequential as the category or niche you own.” Read “The Big Personal Branding Lie: Why Being Known for Being You is a Bad Idea” by Nicolas Cole here.

Related: All Marketers Are Liars, by Seth Godin

Twitter threads are quickly becoming one of my favorite types of content (and one I’m going to dip my toes into). Justin Welsh shares exactly how he took his one-person business to 1.3M in a little over 2.5 years! Simple, but not easy. Read “Last week my little one-person business crossed $1.3M in revenue” by @JustinSaaS here.

Related: How to Grow Your Twitter Followers Organically here

Tool Time  🛠

I did a live stream with Welly Mullia of BirdSend yesterday. If you’re not familiar with BirdSend, it’s an email marketing service that does everything a creator needs at a fraction of the price! And it makes it SO easy to track the LTV of your customers (lifetime value).
Watch that replay here

  • Twitter: I’ve mentioned that I’m upping my Twitter game (and it’s working btw), so there are two tools I’m currently using (don’t know that I need both). This is a little more robust and will even post my tweets to Instagram. Try Hypefury for free here.
  • Social: this is a great WordPress plugin for managing all your social media scheduling needs (I’ve used this – it’s great!). They have a great lifetime deal on AppSumo now! Get SocialWebSuite here. 
  • Video: Thanks to Jason Resnick for sharing this with me! Take your customer service to a whole new level with interactive video on your site! Try Tolstoy for free here.
  • Audio: Also shared with me… thanks Karen Michaels! This looks like what Anchor started out as. Create quick audio clip you can share. Download Soundwave free here (phone app).

Unfortunately, this has way too much truth to it…🤣

Might be a little random… 

I had a friend bring me a few things back to Costa Rica with her and am loving this little find for my iPad. I’m starting to learn ProCreate (you may see some doodling in future content) and found this product called “Paperlike” – which makes writing on the iPad with your iPencil feel like paper!

Checkout Paperlike here (be sure to order the right size for your iPad version).

My upcoming “Vision Mapping” has become a “Visioning” session… mwhahaha… just finalizing the video to start offering those sessions!

Have a fantastic day!


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