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It has been another doozy of a week… but in a good way. 😜

I have a feeling my life might feel like this for a bit, but only because I’ve got some exciting things going on, I’m traveling back to California for Christmas and then will have a slew of visitors in the new year.

So…the big question is “how to keep it together?” when things are full and busy (and you’re consciously choosing the full & busy).

Let’s approach this from two perspectives:

1) The business side of things
2) The personal side of things

From the business side of things I know I have to be pretty strict with my time. With Email Insiders and my coaching clients, I have a good amount of calls each week.

Because of this I have to be selective about saying yes to anything extra. Extra could mean podcast interviews, live streams, hopping on unscheduled calls, or going sideways with something new (ex: a new tool).

It also means sitting down with a calendar and planning out my marketing activity for the rest of the year. That way I don’t commit to emailing or promoting for someone else when I have my own marketing scheduled.

Simply planning the next two months out (and for me that means on paper first) I’ll feel more relaxed about managing everything.

Suggestion: Block out some time on your calendar to do a brain dump of what you have going on in your business, what’s due before the end of the year, and what time you want to take off during the holidays.

Then schedule these things on your calendar (yes, including free time) and block off your time.

On the personal side of things, it’s simple. It means:

  • Making sure to take time for myself to rest and unplug
  • Continuing to meditate, get out in nature (easy to do here), talk to my mentor(s), and lean on supportive friends
  • Remind myself that this is short term and to stay focused on what I’m building
  • Stay present
  • Make time for fun!

It’s pretty easy to be hard on ourselves or make judgments about what we’re doing (or aren’t doing) when our schedule is full and we haven’t taken time for ourselves.

SO… take the time for yourself, whatever that means, whether it’s a massage or blocking out an afternoon to get everything out of your head and onto paper (or into a program).

As much as we want to finish 2021 strong, we also want to enjoy it.

A Little Brainpower 🧠

One of the best things you can do is find people to follow outside of your direct niche/market. One author I follow on Medium is Rocco Pendola, and he writes about the psychology of relationships and money. He recently shared a behind-the-scenes Medium post on turning one article into 10 or 15! You can also do this with blog posts on your site. Read “How to Turn One Article into 10 or 15” here.

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Launching is not for the faint of heart. I’ve only done a few “launches” (but will be doing more – one coming soon) and they were pretty intense. Fortunately, it was worth the time and energy. This is a different spin on launching and one that’s worth exploring. Read “How Launching Every Month Doubled My Annual Revenue and Profits” by Nick Wolny here.

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Tool Time  🛠

“Tools, glorious tools…” (sung to the tune from the musical Oliver… Food, glorious food… I’m totally dating myself). Moving on…

  • Forms: Just when you thought we had all the form builders we needed… another great-looking WordPress form builder hits the market. The free version looks like all you need. Download Easy Form Builder here.
  • Video messages: Thanks to Jason Resnick for sharing this with me. Send video messages and collect testimonials with this easy-to-use video messaging tool. Checkout ZipMessage here.
  • Calendar: This is some “automagical” stuff happening. Get a little more info, on the people you’re meeting with by syncing this tool to your Google calendar. Use Warmly for free here.
  • SMS: I haven’t tested SMS reminders for events yet, but I will be (soon!). AppSumo has a new original tool that allows you to do just that. Get ShortySMS for a lifetime deal here.

Haha… this is totally me when I don’t take time to recharge! 🤣

The Oatmeal

I’m just about done with the page and video to share the visual mapping sessions with you! This is definitely one of those “ideas whose time has come!”

I should have that ready for you tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Until then, have a fantastic day!

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