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I’ve decided that this is going to be an “email edition” of the newsletter (emailing about email… a little meta? I think that’s probably the first time I’ve used meta like that in a written sentence).

The subject line “Hello literally everyone” was a tweet.

From Twitter.

To the world during the Facebook apocalypse on Monday.

It’s hard not to find the humor in that tweet.

I wasn’t even aware of the outage until I got a message from a friend on Twitter (who never messages on Twitter).

I was more impacted by WhatsApp being down since that is the primary source of communication in Costa Rica.

Regardless of whether your business was impacted with this outage or not, it was a pretty solid reminder that you need to focus on properties you own.

Your website and your email list.

From the time I started online (2008) I heard over and over again that “the money is in the list!” 🤮

The problem isn’t with telling people to build a list, it’s in not teaching them how to build the right list.

How to create a relationship with people that not only allow you in their inbox, they welcome your emails.

And most importantly, how you can solve problems for them.

It’s not surprising that so many entrepreneurs shy away from email marketing when the general consensus is that it’s a list of names you treat like an ATM machine.

The bigger the list the more cash you can withdraw.

But just like any other skill, strategy, or tactic online – you have to put in the work.

Just because you sent an email and people unsubscribe (I get them every single time I email), doesn’t mean you stop emailing.

There is however, something incredibly magical about email marketing.

When done right, it works beautifully.

And you do NOT have to think of yourself as a “writer” to do well (or to get better at writing).

TIP: Write like you’re talking to a friend.

Remember way back when (in 2019), when Avengers Endgame came out?

I saw it a couple of times… in the theater.

I could have convinced anyone to go see that movie – because I enjoyed it so much. It was how the movie made me feel that left an impact.

Email from that place.

Write like you’re talking to your friends about things that matter to you. Sometimes we talk about lighter things (movies) and sometimes we have deeper, more meaningful conversations.

The most important thing to do is to start.

A Little Brainpower 🧠

If I haven’t convinced you to put more energy into email marketing (dare I say make it your primary focus), this article might. I use ConvertKit for this brand and love it. Here’s an in-depth guide from them. Read “Understanding the benefits of email marketing: A guide for online creators” here.

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August Birch is one of my favorite Medium writers. He’s used Medium to grow his email list (not Medium follwers), to over 10k (I can’t find his actual #, but I know it’s over that). Here’s a great article on how to use Medium to grow your email list. Read “5 Reasons Why Your Medium Stories Don’t Grow Your Email List.”

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Tool Time  🛠

This past week has been a doozy for tools! Lots of cool things happening (and coming!). More on that later, but since I’m focusing on email this week, here are my favorite email marketing tools:

  • Lead generation: hands down nothing comes close to ConvertBox. I’ve used most tools out there and it’s the easiest to use, looks the cleanest, and just plain works. Get ConvertBox here (lifetime pricing!).
  • Email preferences: Let your subscribers choose what they want to receive from you (yes, I’m sending that soon 😉). This is currently available for ConvertKit & Drip. Get SmartSubscriber.app here.
  • Email templates for ConvertKit: I’ve added a couple of these elements to my newsletter (signature this week), and am working on a new newsletter format. This is being converted to a full-blown SaaS, so I’d grab it now. Get Create & Sell templates for ConvertKit by Brennan Dunn here.
  • Writing help: This is pretty familiar to most of you I’m sure, but if you’re not using it, Grammarly is every email writer’s best friend (Grammarly makes me wonder if I paid attention in English in school). Get Grammarly free here.

Honorable mention: I still love and use Jarvis (the Ai writing tool that will help anyone with writers block). I use Jarvis for ideas, copy, and rephrasing mainly. Get Jarvis here.

With all due respect to St. Francis of Assisi.. 🤣

I have 3 spots left for Email Insiders VIP!

email Insiders

This is a two month program for 10 people. We’re going to get your email marketing up & converting! You’ll get an onboarding call with me, we’ll map out a plan, group calls, Q&A, resources, AND… we’re going to create a Black Friday Cyber Monday campaign too!

We start by visually mapping out your plan together:

Just email me: kim@kimdoyal.com and we’ll hop on a call!

Have a fantastic day,


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