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There’s nothing like a little unplugging to reset your mojo in your business.

Last weekend I went to Lake Arenal with some friends. The lake & volcano are a little over 3 hours from where I live.

And it was SO worth it.

Lake Arenal Costa Rica

The climate is much cooler than where I am (Potrero, Guanacaste), and there is a lot more jungle.

Saturday morning we went to the hot springs and I had one of those “OMG. This is my life” moments 🀯(I have those a lot here).

The WiFi at the Airbnb was sketchy, so I literally unplugged most of the weekend. This made it that much more fun to get back to work on Monday (my weekly work routine hasn’t changed a whole lot since moving down here, especially since it’s rainy season right now).

The rain here comes down like nothing I’ve seen before and it makes it super easy to be inside and focus on work, which is helpful as we wind down September and head into the last few months of the year.

Before you get too stressed out planning your Black Friday Cyber Monday promotions and how you’re going to “crush” your sales goals in this final quarter, I wanted to remind you of a few things:

  • Be easy about it
  • The simplest promotion can often bring you the greatest rewards (er, sales)
  • Don’t create something new NOW. Look at what you already have, how it helps your audience, and come up with an offer
  • If you don’t have a product but want to participate, create a page on your site of affiliate products you use & recommend
  • Don’t be afraid to email! If you use ConvertKit or Drip you can use a tool like SmartSubscriber (shared last week), that will let people opt out of your promotions


Like many other people I used to cringe when I thought about participating in Black Friday Cyber Monday promotions.

Probably because I spent so many years in retail management and had the life sucked out of me every year during the holidays.

Here’s the thing:

Many people actually plan their spending for this time of year.

They wait and budget to pick up tools, courses, or products when things go on sale.

If you have something of value that solves a problem for your audience and want to participate in BFCM, go for it. There’s no reason you shouldn’t get a piece of the pie.

AND… if you don’t want to participate?

You do you boo.

A Little Brainpower πŸ§ 

Sometimes I think about learning to speed read so I can read ALL the things…

YES to this… ALL day long. I absolutely love reading about other’s journeys. As fascinating as the billionaire stories are, they’re hardly relatable (and usually not the whole truth). Read “Billionaire Hero’s Journeys Are a Snoozefest. Let’s Learn from Relatable Six-Figure Creators Instead” by Tim Denning.​

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If it’s time to create a new lead magnet and you’re not sure where to start, Thrive Themes has written a great article with 9 lead magnets that won’t take forever to create… in fact, you can probably create these in less than an hour. Read “9 Quick Win Lead Magnet Ideas that You can Knock Out in Less than an Hour” here.​

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Tool TimeΒ  πŸ› 

  • Private audio feed: As a huge fan of audio content, I love having the audio version of courses I buy. This app does just that (or a private podcast for your community). Try Hello Audio free here.​
  • Webinars: I’ve had this one for a while, but was looking at all the webinar options and was surprised that some of the other webinar platforms don’t have built-in options for paid webinars. Fortunately, WebinarNinja does! Sign up for a free trial here.​
  • Email: I never worry about inbox zero, but this tool makes it a lot easier to keep my inbox lighter! Use with Google, Microsoft or Apple. Get a free trial to Sanebox here.​
  • Twitter: as you can tell I’m a fan of good tweets, well, definitely the funny ones (some people amaze me with their wit!). Use this tool to take better looking screenshots of your favorite tweets. Try Pikaso for free here.


100% Agree with this πŸ‘‡

As you can see I’m still working on the new templates from Brennan Dunn (something is wonky with the callout box at the top). The signature below is one of the elements.

He’s moving the product to a full-blown SaaS and I’m thrilled!


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