#FtheHustle ~ 043 – What Are You Creating?

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Sometimes being a creator is more than what you’re doing online (or are tangibly producing).

It doesn’t always have to be something people see or can touch.

Creating includes things such as:

  • How you want to feel
  • Creating the best space possible
  • Creating a moment (more on that in a minute)
  • Connection
  • Intention

Before I moved to Costa Rica one of the first things I did was ask if I could paint my place. The landlord said no problem (of course it was at my expense, which was fine for me).

A lot of people might think it’s not worth painting something they don’t own… but to me, it’s SO much more than that.

Much like you, I’m sure, I spend a lot of time in my home.

I’m going to make it the most inviting, comfortable, inspiring, and as happy a place as I possibly can.

A little paint, some decor, and better bedding are SO worth it for me to feel like I’ve created something that allows me to live my best life.

Another example:

I’m one of those nutty pumpkin spice everything people (well, not really everything, but the smell of pumpkin spice sets the mood for fall for me).

Since there isn’t really a “fall” season in Costa Rica, I’m doing what I can to create my own little bits of fall (at least September and October are rainy seasons, so it will at least look a little more fall-like, even if it’s still warm).

I brought back some pumpkin spice candles, coffee, and some air fresheners to give me that feeling of fall.

I love creating moments for myself that make me feel the way I want to feel, in order to inspire me to continue moving forward with what I want to create in my business and my life.

This has a HUGE impact on my business.

I set intentions for the type of people I want to work with (both clients and peers). I’ve become very intentional about the kind of work I want to produce, where I want to show up online, and yes, to borrow a page from Marie Kondo, only do things that spark joy.

This may not sound business-related, but I can guarantee when you get clear on what it is you want to create in all areas of your life, you’re going to see massive growth in your business.

Don’t keep doing things you don’t want to do simply because it’s a habit (or it pays the bills).

Set your intentions to create a business that supports the quality of life YOU’VE defined.

A Little Brainpower 🧠

You all know how much I love newsletters (she says in her own newsletter), so finding this great article about creating good newsletter archives on your website made me giddy. Read “How to create an SEO-friendly newsletter archive” from Newsletter Glue.

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I have to admit, I’m loving that we’re seeing new ways to pay and that we’re living through a time of massive financial change (for good, IMO). Adding “Digital Wallets” as a payment option for your products and services is one of those opportunities. Read “How to Add Digital Wallets to Your Payment Gateway (and Why You Should)” here.

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Tool Time  🛠

I’m still in the deciding process of what software to use for my upcoming community launch (I know, I know, you thought I had made a decision. More on that later), but in the meantime, there’s no shortage of tools to check out this week!

  • Publishing: If you’ve ever wanted to do a series of posts in WordPress but aren’t sure how best to organize them, look no further. Try the free “Publish Press” WordPress plugin here.
  • Newsletters: This space continues to grow and this tool will help YOU grow your list of newsletter subscribers. The ConvertKit connection is coming soon, so I haven’t tried it yet, but if you use Revue, Substack, or Ghost, you can jump in now. Checkout RevSync here.
  • Audio & Courses: For all of you audiophiles (lovers of audio) out there, now you can easily consume courses on audio (I personally LOVE it when courses include audio links so I can listen on the go). Checkout Omnicourse here.
  • Social Media: Not sure what text to include in your social media posts? This tool makes it easy to copy and paste a URL, click a button and generate text for social posts. Use Post Generator free here.

Isn’t this the truth… 🤣

Well, as much as I wanted to have the new format in place for the newsletter you can see that it’s not quite sorted yet (using the templates from Brennan Dunn. I’ll share more on that in a separate email).

As much as I love clean, text-based emails, I’m thrilled that there are some new formatting elements for ConvertKit (which doesn’t come with much in terms of visual elements unless you’re a coder).

Coming Next Week:

Email Insiders VIP – Cohort 2: applications open!

And on that note, I think it might be time to light my pumpkin spice candle while I listen to the rainfall outside.

Have a fantastic day,


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