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You probably have a side of yourself that you don’t share in your business or with your audience, even if it’s a vital part of who you are and how you move through the world.

I get that.

But… there’s a big difference between personal and private.

Personal can and should be shared. It makes you relatable and creates another way for your audience to connect with you.

Private is the stuff that is:

A) no one else’s business and
B) things your audience probably doesn’t want to know about you 😂.

The magic about sharing the personal (ideally as it relates to your business), is that you can be a living example of what your audience is trying to accomplish.

It’s easy to see people who have “made it” and feel like “that’s not possible for me”…

The problem is when those thoughts occur, our mind naturally starts looking for reasons to support that statement. We tell ourselves things like “they got started before me, it’s too crowded now, I don’t have the same _____________ (insert your own reason/excuse here).

I’m on a mission to shift that.

ANYTHING is possible!

It may not show up the way you expect or on the timeline you hope it will, but if you’re willing to do the work, it is 100% possible.

Your mindset + your commitment to mastery is EVERYTHING.

I heard this a lot when I was getting started online (2008), “Focus on your mindset!”…but at the time thought “I’m optimistic, constantly listening to things that help me achieve my goals, am a happy person, etc.”

The reality is that’s only one tiny piece of the puzzle.

Things started shifting for me when I decided to take complete and total responsibility for everything in my life.

Especially my business.

Which is when things started changing… for the better.

I focused on getting better at everything I do, owning my mistakes as much as the wins, and continuing to #JustShowUP.

Part of how I’m showing up now is to integrate mindset and how I live my life in a way that supports the growth of my business.

I’ll say it again for the people in the back…Your mindset + your commitment to mastery is EVERYTHING.

Take a look at the picture of the Facebook memory below… there’s power in this stuff.

Moving out of the country has always been a goal of mine, I just didn’t put a deadline on it or pressure myself.

I kept moving forward and trusted.

Your dreams are worth pursuing. ANYTHING is possible. I’m living proof.

A Little Brainpower ðŸ§ 

I’ve been going down the rabbit hole again! As I get closer to launching my #FtheHustle community (surprise!) I’ve been digging into community platforms (feels like a part-time job) and found this article hugely helpful (and probably what I’ll use). Read “How to build an online community (and why I’m all in on Circle)” by Jay Clouse here.​

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Sticking with the theme of memberships this week, Gumroad talks about the other side of this… how to sell your memberships. They talk about the freemium model as well as tiered pricing options for your community. Read “How to Sell Online Memberships: All You Need to Know” here.​

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Tool Time  🛠

I’m going to run with the theme of community and memberships this week so the tools below are additional options for creating just that.

  • Community platform: on my search for comparisons I came across Tribe.so (hadn’t heard of them before). Looks similar to Circle, but a little different format. Try Tribe.so for free here.​
  • Courses: If you’re still looking for a home for your courses and products, this could be your solution. I know the founders, they’re amazing people, and are committed to supporting their users. Try MemberVault for free here.​
  • Memberships: I’ve been using Notion for planning and organizing my business, but not sure I’d use it for a membership or course. However, plenty of people are. Check out MembersSpace for Notion here.​
  • Training: I’ve tried this briefly and it’s so, so pretty. Oh, and it’s also pretty functional. Integrate white boards, Google docs, webinars, coaching and more. Try Sessions for free here.

Let me know if you like the idea of the newsletter having a theme for articles and tools! I’ve enjoyed mixing this up!

Membership Podcasts 🎧

I’ve listened to this one and love it. It’s been a while, but now that I’m launching my own community I’ve subscribed again. Listen to “The Membership Guys Podcast” here.​

I LOVE that the same people (The Membership Guys) have TWO podcasts. This one is hosted by Callie Willows and is all the ‘behind-the-scenes’ with successful membership owners! What a brilliant idea! Listen to “Behind The Membership Podcast” here.​

YES! Our phones are smarter than the computers they used to land a man on the moon in 1969, but we can’t regulate audio in movies? 🤣

Comic by The Oatmeal / Matthew Inman

Whew! It’s been a busy week!

I’m winding down the first cohort of Email Insiders VIP and will be opening that again very soon! If you want my personal help and a private group to finally get your emails converting and selling, this is for you!

Stay tuned for that soon!

Have a fantastic day,


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This issue was brought to you by Jarvis (formerly Conversion.ai).

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