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Nothing like having your own words hit you in the face.

On my Email Insiders call today as we were wrapping up I mentioned that we’re down to a little over 4.5 months of the year left…

What. The. Actual. Bucket.

Experiencing fall & winter in Costa Rica is probably going to throw me for a loop. The rainy season ends after October, so having it be warm and sunny during the holidays will be interesting, but I’m hoping it keeps my energy up (even though I’m going to miss all my pumpkin-spice-everything).

Living here is certainly helping me slow down a bit.

My focus this week has been on staying present. I have a handful of things happening right now, all of which work together, but my default is to feel like I’m not doing enough.

Being present this week was actually an “assignment” from my mentor.

Even though I’m feeling great, my brain starts looking for where the problem is (please tell me I’m not the only one).

The challenge with running an online business is it’s always there.

There is ALWAYS more you can do.

And obviously, doing “more” is the complete opposite of what #FtheHustle is all about.

This is where creating a solid runway for yourself can help alleviate that pressure and keep you sane.

As an example, I’ve just started organizing #FtheHustle LIVE in Costa Rica for the Spring of 2022. I’m doing this with my amazing new friend (and neighbor), Molly Ruland (you’ll be hearing a lot more about Molly in the near future).

Molly and I have started recording an #FtheHustle podcast (coming soon), that is based on the philosophy of the #FtheHustle movement AND… will be driving traffic to support audience growth for the event.

The event is 7+ months away (we’re waiting to hear back from the hotel on dates).

However, depending on how long you’ve been a part of my world, hearing that I’m doing an event called #FtheHustle and that it’s in Costa Rica probably seems like a natural thing for me to do (if you’re new here, I moved to Costa Rica on May 31st of this year and started talking about it as soon as I made the decision).

I’ve been laying the foundation for this for a while… even before I knew I’d be co-hosting an event here.

Whatever it is you’re doing (selling/offering), there’s no such thing as “too soon” when it comes to talking about it, provided it’s part of your message and serves your audience.

The better you get at building the foundation, the easier the sales process is.

Have patience young Jedi 😉 and don’t forget to enjoy the journey.

A Little Brainpower 🧠

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of the “Creator Economy.” I love that it’s a real thing and it continues to evolve (things appear to shifting back to the control of the creator, not the tech giants). Read “It’s *Not* Too Late to Join the Creator Economy” by Tim Denning here.

Related: The Future of the Creator Economy: 10 Bold Predictions for the Next 10 Years

This is in line with something else I feel strongly about (thanks Michelle for sharing). Newsletters are here to stay, I love doing them, and it’s a great way to grow and connect with your audience. Here’s more evidence. Read “50 Lessons Learned from Writing 50 Newsletters.”

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Tool Time  🛠

Another fun week for finding cool tools! Here’s a little tip regarding tools: bookmark those that seem interesting but you don’t need now (i.e., don’t go sideways) OR… schedule in time just to play because you enjoy it, without any expectation of needing to use the tool.

  • Courses: This platform continues to improve and is probably one of the best priced, easiest to use, and nicest looking course (and now coaching) platforms available. Try Podia for free here.
  • Audience research: I’ve just started playing with this and since it’s created by Rand Fishkin (founder of Moz), I have high hopes for this. Try SparkToro free here.
  • Background generator: Create SVG backgrounds (scalable vector graphic) in seconds with this free background generator. Try Wickedbackgrounds free here.
  • Calendar & Meetings: One platform to host client bookings, calls, payments, workshops and more. Looks pretty cool (even if I think they need a different name)! Try 3veta for free here.

Speaking of patience…

As I’m working through a bit of a makeover on my site, you may notice new colors. You may also notice me missing changing old colors 😉.

I’m asking for a wee bit of patience as I go through and shift things. I don’t have time for a site re-do, but I’m at least going to be changing colors (I needed some fun bright colors) and updating some page layouts.

The homepage has the new colors… just bear with me.

I absolutely love The Oatmeal… this comic is both funny and true (click the image to see the full comic).

Comic by The Oatmeal / Matthew Inman

Lastly, if you haven’t seen it yet, Jarvis.ai has added an incredible featured called “Recipes.”

What this means is that you can create a list of commands for Jarvis to write and reuse it… as well as share it!


Write a headline about the growth of newsletters

Write an outline for the above headline

Write an introductory paragraph about the above content


I’ll do a post and video on this soon. In the meantime, checkout Jarvis here.

Have a fantastic day,


p.s. side note: I jumped the gun last week and skipped issue 38… so this is the real 39th issue 😉

This issue was brought to you by Jarvis (formerly Conversion.ai).

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