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I had a call yesterday with a woman I’m going to do a little consulting with.

She was referred to me by my hairdresser in California. I don’t even remember how we ended up talking about this other client of hers, but long story short, she’s a retired teacher who has a unique skill in helping people get the most out of their timeshares.

In case you’re not familiar with timeshares:

“A timeshare is a shared ownership model of vacation real estate in which multiple purchasers own allotments of usage, typically in one-week increments, in the same property.”

I’ve referred her to a friend to do a WordPress site, then I recommended three things to her.

  1. Create content for your target market & drive traffic to your content
  2. Build an email list and EMAIL them (I suggested a newsletter)
  3. Create a course on how to do this themselves

Is there more she can do?

Absolutely, but let’s look at what she wants.

She’s a retired teacher, is getting bored, has a knack for doing this, and loves to research (which is why I recommended she do a newsletter. She can aggregate content, update readers, and be a go-to source).

She’s not necessarily looking for a second career or to start a business. She’s 6 years into retirement, is a little bored, and thought “I love doing this, maybe there’s something here?”

Most people who aren’t in this space have no idea where to start.

There isn’t one place to go to start an online business nor does everyone want the same thing or have the same goals.

I’ve been thinking about this a LOT lately.

I started working with a coach at the beginning of July to help me get a big vision off the ground. One of the elements we’re working on is the stages people go through in business (a little ambiguous, I’ll share more later, promise).

Here’s what I think is most fascinating (and something I’ve been guilty of).

Forgetting we need to build a foundation.

SO many people I know who have online businesses don’t have these simple pieces in place:

  • a property they OWN (NEVER build your business & brand on social first)
  • a list of engaged email subscribers (and growing their list)
  • an offer that solves a problem for their list​

Get this working FIRST.

There are moving pieces within each of the above elements, but this is your foundation.

Don’t worry about webinars, live streams, chatbots, social channels, etc. if you don’t have this in place. All of those things are what will drive people back to the property you own.

Where you can convert them to subscribers, build a relationship, and make an offer.

It’s really that simple.

A Little Brainpower 🧠

Living in Costa Rica I find myself being drawn towards articles that speak directly to making sure my business fits into what I want my life to look & feel like. Most people who make major changes have probably felt this at one time or another. Read “Escaping the Insufferable Status Quo” on Life & Whim here.

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If you’re not publishing your content on Medium, it’s probably a good idea to start (note to self). I’ve pushed content there in the past but that’s about it. My recent share of “Life in Costa Rica” got some decent traction, so I’ll be spending more time there. They’re continuing to add new features as well. Read “Curate and Share Stories with Lists” here.

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Tool Time  🛠

  • Quizzes: I came across this WordPress plugin thanks to Jodi and have taken the plunge. It looks super easy to use and there are multiple types of quizzes you can create. Get Smart Quiz Builder here.
  • Calendar sync: If you’re a Notion user and want an easy way to sync your Google Calendar, look no further. Super easy to set up and it’s free! Get Notion Calendar Sync here.
  • Meetings & more: I’m just going to say it… this puts Zoom to shame. Think video meets, notes, agenda, shared Google doc and a whiteboard. To name a few. Try Sessions free here.
  • Link in Bio: I’ve been using Shorby for ‘link in bio’ on IG… until now. This is a media-rich tool that will even let me display a podcast episode. Thanks to Tess for calling my attention to this! Get the lifetime deal for SleekBio here.

I’m starting to wonder about my sense of humor 🤣

Lightning Round

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