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You probably have some routines you’ve built into your day.

Maybe you get up and work out or maybe you like to wake up slowly, with no alarm, get your first cup of coffee, and read for a bit.

When you get to your desk, you start your work/business routines.

Personally, I have a few sites I like to visit, certain emails I like to read, I check in with a few people, and then get to my to-do list.

The routines I start my day with have evolved over the years.

At one time it was dictated by a job… then kids… then what I thought I “should” be doing..


I trust my gut.

Bear with me here, I’m going somewhere with the “which is worse” subject line.

When I look at what has worked in my business, or the things that have taken off, it’s ALWAYS been when I trusted my gut and did what worked for me.

Could I change my life around and join the 4 am club? Would I get more done? Would that make me a better entrepreneur?

Absolutely NOT.


That feels worse to me than finding my own way.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve made my fair share of decisions that I later regretted.

Which is how I got to a point that if I’m waffling between “what feels right” and what someone else says I should do?

I listen to my gut.

When I rush things and make a decision because it serves someone else?

Inevitably I end up throwing myself under the bus.

So ask yourself…

Which feels worse?

Letting yourself down or letting someone else down?

There are so many different ways to grow and scale your online business.

A lot of them work.

Some of them won’t.

The ones that don’t work just end up as ‘one more thing that didn’t work, as opposed to major regret.

Trust your gut.

Book Challenge Update 

So I’m making good progress on the pre-work for the “Writing With Jarvis 7-Day Book Challenge”.

I think I’ll be in good shape when the challenge starts on Monday. I’ve got a couple of days with no appointments to focus solely on my outline, but I’m excited.

It’s both a little intimidating (holy moly, I’m writing a BOOK) and super exhilarating!

For those of you who missed last week, I’m writing the #FtheHustle BOOK! I’ll need your help to spread the word so I’ll let you know how you can do that when we get closer.

A Little Brainpower 🧠

I have to admit, I never thought I’d see this happening. It looks like Instagram is testing letting anyone use the “swipe up” feature in stories… without having to have 10k followers. Read “How to Add Links to Instagram Stories (Even Without 10k Followers here!)”.

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We knew it wouldn’t take too long for the “big guys” to get into the audio room game. We’ve already seen Twitter Spaces, now Facebook is testing Audio Rooms. Read “Live Audio Rooms and Podcasts on Facebook” here.

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Tool Time  🛠

I was able to test a few new tools this week (instead of just finding them and sharing them). So, without further ado…

Take a Listen 🎧

Last week I had the good fortune of talking with Darby Rollins, one of the creators of the “Writing With Jarvis 7-Day Book Challenge.”

A self-proclaimed Tacopreneur, Darby has also created a card game (Side Hustle) and literally written the book on “Writing with Jarvis” (is that too meta?).

We dug into some of their student’s success stories, creating the outline for your book, and how the challenge is structured.

Listen to “Write Your Book with AI: Interview with Darby Rollins KDS: 076” here

This is exactly how I feel when people tell me where things are in Costa Rica 🤣

I celebrated my first birthday in Costa Rica yesterday! 🥳

It was a lovely day that ended with dinner on the beach with my friends here (all of whom I’ve met in the last 5 weeks).

It’s amazing to me what is showing up in my life after taking this leap.

I’m grateful for all the people and experiences that are coming my way and I fully intend to make the most of this year.

One of those things is going to include a LIVE event in Costa Rica next year! But more on that later 😉.

Have a fantastic day my friends,


p.s. Did you know we’re running a special on the Content Creators Planner? We’re working on version 2, so now’s the time to get your planner! 

This issue was brought to you by Jarvis (formerly Conversion.ai).

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