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You know what they say about assuming right?

Makes an “ass out of you and me” (breaking apart the word ‘assume’ – for those in the back who maybe haven’t heard that phrase).

This happens a LOT in marketing, but probably not the way you think.

Yes there are those examples where people assume that one strategy or tactic is going to solve all their problems…

… only to find that that one strategy or tactic is only one piece of the puzzle.

We’ll save that rant discussion for another day.

What I’m talking about is how we apply this phrase to ourselves.

This won’t apply to everyone, because once you “get” this, you stop making assumptions and start pulling the trigger. 💡

Here’s what I’m talking about.

You assume that:

  • You don’t know enough to teach/sell/charge what you want to teach/sell/charge
  • It’s been done by other people so many times that no one needs your take on it
  • You have to have more experience, examples, case studies, etc. to charge for it
  • Even though you’ve successfully done this for other people, you think you need to be doing it for your own brand in order to be in integrity

My response to that?

I recently refunded two products I purchased.

One was a course, one was a tool.

I bought the course thinking I was going to get all kinds of things I was missing with one specific marketing channel. It was a fifteen hundred dollar course, so I knew there must be some nuggets in there that I was missing.

*Note the perceived value based on the price 😉*

I went through the first module, looked at the next two modules (the 4th, 5th, and 6th module weren’t released yet) and realized…

Um… I know all this.

There’s literally nothing in here that I don’t know (not saying I’ve applied all that I know… yet).

The content was good… it just wasn’t for me. I wasn’t her target audience.

*This is why it’s invaluable to be SUPER clear about WHO your products are for (and in all fairness, she may have been clearer I just missed it).

The tool I refunded was missing a couple key features that are standard with other tools (it was a course platform… don’t ask me why this continues to be the bane of my existence… finding the ideal course and membership platform).

I’ve received the course refund and am waiting for the software refund.

My point in sharing this is two-fold:

1) You absolutely know enough to make the offer! Whether it’s a course, membership, or another product… stop second-guessing whether or not you have enough experience or know enough to sell it (I *assumed* I needed to know more about this marketing channel, even though people have paid me to teach them).

You do.

And the only way to know is to put it out there.

2) If it’s not a good fit, say so. These two purchases were made in the last few days, and it feel REALLY empowering to take the time to assess my purchases, decide they weren’t for me, and ask for the refund.

Remember, this is YOUR business. YOUR life. Don’t wait for permission.

Just the Tip 💡

And this is a note to myself too… always check your content on mobile. It doesn’t matter if it’s email, a post, a video, or a sales page. Double-check how it looks on your phone. If you’re using a page builder, most of them have settings where you can adjust how it displays on different devices.

A Little Brainpower 🧠

It’s probably safe to say that one thing we all want to do for our business is grow. Specifically, grow our email lists and after that, our social followings (organically through content of course). Here’s how Victor Ponamariov grew both. Read, “How I grew my Twitter (+9k) and Newsletter (+6K) in 3 -4 months. AMA.” here.

Related: “How 7-Figure Newsletters Make Money”

My favorite line from this post: “Communication is not conflict. It preempts and prevents conflict. Every time I forget this, it has cost me.” This is from Ryan Holiday’s post “34 Mistakes on the Way to 34” (another great read of his).

Related: “Ego is the Enemy” by Ryan Holiday

Tool Time  🛠

Well, outside of the tool I purchased (and am waiting for a refund for), I did still manage to find a few cool things for you to check out this week! 😉

  • Social images: A friend shared this recently and it looks kind of handy. I haven’t tested it yet, but it looks pretty handy. You select a template, create your settings (logo & colors) and it automatically creates an image using the title and featured image. Check out Automatic Social Images here.
  • Course and membership: Yes, I’m literally circling back to something I used a couple of years ago. It’s gotten SO much better. Courses, memberships, and so much more. Try Podia free here.
  • Gutenberg: I still love creating content with Gutenberg and one fo my go-to plugins is Stackable. Get started with the free version and upgrade for additional blocks and advanced features. Try Stackable for WordPress here.
  • SEO: I’ve only just started playing with this tool (thanks to working with Conversion.ai) and am super excited about optimizing my content further. Check out Surfer SEO.

If this isn’t a Dad joke I don’t know what is!  🤣

Grab a beverage and take a listen… 

I recorded an episode of my journey to Costa Rica and what’s been like the first few weeks. 

I wrote the post a week ago but had people coming & going in my place so had to wait until it was quiet to record. Hope you enjoy it!

Listen to “Life in Costa Rica & Getting Back to Business KDS: 075” here

Referral program

I’m revamping the referral program and should have that back out next week! Stay tuned for new rewards and a new look in the newsletter.

I hope you’ve all had a fantastic week and are enjoying some summer weather wherever you are.

COMING: I’ll be sending out a registration link for a live stream with Chris Hull of Conversion.ai for next Wednesday. WOOHOO!.

Until next time,


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