#FtheHustle ~ 032 – It Costs What it Costs


If I asked you what the easiest way to generate revenue was for your business, would you know exactly what that was and how to do it? 🤔

Before you answer, here are a few things to think about in terms of “easy”…

  • It falls under your ‘zone of genius’
  • You don’t have to spend months preparing, creating, marketing
  • It provides you some leverage
  • You enjoy it (kind of goes along with your ‘zone of genius’, right?)
  • And most importantly, it solves a problem for your audience

​Maybe it’s a product, service, or productized service (example: you have a subscription model where you provide support to customers).

My guess is you’re not sure what this is or you’ve got an idea but have never tried it (because you think you need a huge launch, tons of marketing, a massive list, or have relationships with “the right people.”)

Also.. note that easy doesn’t mean “no effort.”

The easy part comes from all the work you’ve already done (and are doing).

You’ve put the work in to master your craft, improve on your already stellar skillset (we all get to be a work in progress… for as long as we choose), and have already solved problems for people.

AND… if you’re still getting things going?

Even better.

You get to focus on those few bullet points I mentioned above from the start.


Don’t waste your time on things you *think* you should be doing.

If you don’t have paying clients or customers, offer to work for free while you get better. There is a plethora of people out in the world that will happily give you the opportunity.

As much as I love technology, it’s easy to forget to do things simply.

Ask for the sale.

Ask for help.

OFFER to help someone else (this is the best way to get out of your own head about your own sh*t!).

Share what someone else is doing.

None of that requires special skills.

It requires you to be a decent human being who is willing to put yourself out there (probably the #1 reason people fail at online business, but we’ll save that for another day).

This is one of the things we’re doing in my private Email Insiders Coaching group (don’t worry if you missed this, I’m going to open the doors late summer or September again).

We’re going to help one another by making introductions, sharing, and promoting what the others are doing.

Even when someone is doing something that isn’t a market fit for you… you probably know someone else you can connect them with.

Something to ponder. 😉

Just the Tip 💡

Always resend!

You’ve probably noticed I do this with the newsletter (if you haven’t opened it initially). Some people may unsubscribe, and that’s O.K., (hear my heart, I don’t want you to unsubscribe). We all get a lot of emails… make sure people get a chance to see what you’ve sent!

A Little Brainpower 🧠

I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all been in this spot. You have a product or service, someone inquires about hiring you or purchasing your product, it all seems like a good fit and then you tell them the price. All of the sudden the person who wants to hire you and doesn’t have your skillset wants to tell you what it’s worth. Read “Yes, it costs that much. Let me tell you why” but Terri Tutich here.

Related: “It Costs What it Costs, by Ryan Holiday

Creating a course is a great way to serve your audience and add an additional revenue stream to your business. However, it can be a little overwhelming to think of creating a course (and all the marketing that goes along with it). Instead of a signature course, what about a Tiny Course? Read “the Micro-Course Recipe That Pays My Mortgage” by August Birch here.

Related: Newsletter – Learn Letter (a newsletter on learning)

Tool Time  🛠

Another week with all kinds of new tools to take a look at! Let’s jump into it!

  • Links: If you’re a WordPress user, my go-to for creating custom links are the PrettyLink plugin (the free version is great). If you want to start getting a little more data with your links there are lots of options. Try Linkler for free ( free forever if you don’t need too many).
  • Web Vitals: I don’t know much about Core Web Vitals, but I think it’s safe to say it’s important to get on board with what they are. Get ready for Google’s Page Performance update with a website auditor for free here.
  • Community: I’ve recently launched a community for my Email Insiders VIP on Circle and am LOVING it! Super easy to set up, clean, and easy for users to navigate. Try Circle.SO here.
  • SEO: We all know SEO is important, but it’s not always the easiest thing to wrap your head around. Look no further… SurferSEO is an amazing tool you can use to optimize your content (oh, and it integrates with Conversion.ai).

Oh, the joys of getting older… I can literally hear Jason Bateman saying this 🤣

I hope you’re all having a great week & aren’t roasting too much from the summer heat.

I’ve been enjoying some tropical rainstorms…it’s amazing that it can be sunny and dry one minute, then pouring rain the next, and dry again shortly after.

I’ll be visiting a different beach with some new friends this Saturday, so stay tuned for more pics.

Have a fantastic day,


F-the Hustle
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