#FtheHustle ~ 030 – The Final Few Days ✈


This is officially my last newsletter that is being written & sent from California.

And let me tell you… I am SO ready to be settled.

I’ve been in a perpetual state of moving and “getting ready” to move for 3 months. It’s time to get back to some sort of normal day-to-day (although I wonder how long it will take for me to really ‘get’ that living in Costa Rica is “normal”?).

The funny thing is that I can absolutely see the similarities between this experience and my business.

It seems like as soon as one thing is running smoothly (and out of project mode), something else comes up.

You know what I’m talking about, right?

You finish a course, a launch, a client project… and before you know it your’e back at it. You might get a bit of time to take a breather but as an entrepreneur there’s a pull to get “back in the game” (for lack of a better phrase).

This is definitely something I struggle with from time to time.

I LOVE the excitement and energy that comes from the “new” thing (even if it’s only a new approach to something you’ve been doing forever).

But it can also be super tiring and lead to burnout.

I’ve been joking that I need to move to Costa Rica just to get some rest. 😴

I’m even looking forward to the flight (you know you’re a little tired when the thought of a 5.5 hour flight is appealing. Although we did book first class tickets… which were only $200 more AND free luggage, so in the long run it’s probably cheaper thanks to the luggage savings).

The challenge with all this is that when you’re starting the new thing your energy is higher.

So we tend not to plan for the downtime needed to recover afterward.

And I mean more than just a week with no calls or a long weekend away.

I mean really giving yourself a breather to enjoy what you just created, recoup on rest, and recharge.

It’s taken me a while but I’ve finally accepted that taking care of yourself has to be your #1 priority… or you really can’t show up for anyone else.

Do you have something you do to recharge? Hit reply and tell me how you take a break or reward yourself when you’ve completed something.

A Little Brainpower 🧠

As a self-proclaimed #FtheHustle movement maker (how’s that for a mouthful?), this article really resonated with me. It’s way too easy to feel like we’re never using our time effectively or could be more productive. Read “We’re Tired of All The Productivity Advice. It’s Not Helping.” by Jessica Wildfire here.

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​Confession: I know nothing about Instagram automation (yet), but I love what ManyChat is doing to help get people on board. This is a case study on how “Gold’s Gym Achieves 9X in Bookings Using Instagram Automation” (and it’s in Costa Rica of all places! 😉)

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Tool Time  🛠

It’s been a fun week in terms of tools…not that I’ve had much time to play (I think I’ll stay in Costa Rica forever so I don’t have to deal with packing and moving ever again. I know, quit whining. #firstworldproblems). Enjoy!

  • Payment: This feels a bit like “finally” from Stripe, but hallelujah! This is cool. Generate a payment link with Stripe. Looks pretty nice too. Check out Stripe Payment links here.
  • Name generator: I’ve seen these before, but this was pretty impressive. Put in a couple of keywords and it generates invented names, compound names, and more! Use Looka Business Name generator here.
  • WordPress Plugin: I am a HUGE fan of Medium and love the feature to highlight and share directly in an article. This plugin does that for WordPress. Download Highly free here.
  • Newsletters: I love that this space is continuing to grow with more tools & resources available. This app lets you send your newsletters to Kindle! Use Newsletter to Kindle free here.

For my fellow Gen Xers, sent this to my brother who is a HUGE KISS fan… 🤣

Final thoughts…

And on that note… it’s time to get back to finishing up all the niggly tasks to make this move happen in a few days time.

If you want to follow the journey in more depth, sign up at PuraVidaJourney.com. I’ll be sharing things here as well, but that site and newsletter will be all about the move, living there, working there, and possibly podcasting with other digital nomads about their experiences.

Have a fantastic day,


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