#FtheHustle ~ 029 – Power of Relationships


I’ve officially started packing for Costa Rica. 🧳

Well, I kind of started packing a week ago but I picked up a couple of rolling duffle bags for my clothes (will use the suitcases for computer equipment, toiletries, etc.) so undid what I had started.

Fortunately, all the clothes I’m bringing are summer clothes: tank tops, t-shirts, and shorts take up a lot less space than hoodies and boots.

I’ve got a few more boxes to go through in terms of the “extra” stuff I’m bringing, but I think I’m in good shape.

And at the end of the day, whatever I don’t bring or forget, I’ll find a replacement or make do without (until someone comes to visit me… want to be a mule? 😅).

One of the biggest appeals with this move is that I’m simplifying my life.

Which is playing out in my business as well (funny how that works, eh?).

On one hand I have some pretty crazy things happening and am adding more to my business (products, offers, collaborations).

However, the way I’m doing it is simple.

I’ve really fallen in love with making an offer, seeing how it does, and then deciding if I want to go bigger (for lack of a better word).

The best part?

I’m simply sending an email, sharing the offer, and talking to people.

I thoroughly been enjoying the one-on-one calls with the people who have signed up for Email Insiders VIP… I don’t know about you, but after last year I’m ready to start hanging out with people again.

Ideally in person, but until then, I’m having a blast making these connections.

I teased last week about a potential collaboration for the Content Creators Planner and a software company.

A little update: that company is Conversion.ai. 🥳

I’ll share more as we progress… but the entire point in sharing this is to remind you that the most rewarding way to grow your business is through relationships.

Take the time to have a conversation, share someone’s content, or leave a comment on their blog.

You never know where it may lead.

Just the Tip 💡

This was a great reminder from Ann Handley. Before you hit publish with something you’ve written, read it out loud. I do this with every email I send. Not that I always catch the typo or grammatical error, but it’s important to read what you’ve written after the fact and put yourself in your readers shoes.

A Little Brainpower 🧠

Case studies are one of my favorite types of content to read (or watch). Not only for strategy and tactical tips, but for how brands are showing up with a unique voice and having a little fun, like Death Wish Coffee. Read “Meme Marketing: The Case of Death Wish Coffee and How You Can Replicate Their Success” here.

Related: Building a StoryBrand, by Donald Miller

One of my favorite writers, Ryan Holiday, wrote a great article where he shares what he’s stolen from other people (for inspiration). This is such a great example of why don’t need to “come up” with NEW ideas all the time.
Read “33 Things I Stole From People Smarter Than Me” by Ryan Holiday here.

Related: The Obstacle is The Way, by Ryan Holiday (one of my favorite books)

Tool Time  🛠

Conversion.ai has more new features (in case you haven’t jumped in yet): Advanced language translation (26 languages!) and a Text Summarizer (take a paragraph of text and condense into a single sentence).

  • Chrome Extension: add meeting notes to your Google Calendar? Yes, please. A new app (Meetric) has developed this Chrome Extension so you can take notes directly from your calendar. Add it free here. ​
  • Newsletters: While this isn’t available for ConvertKit yet (think it’s an API thing), you can create and send beautiful newsletters directly from WordPress with this plugin. Get Newsletter Glue here.​
  • Opt-ins: My go-to for opt-ins is ConvertBox (who is still on lifetime pricing by the way), but that can be a big investment if you’re just getting started. Check out the lifetime deal for Optinly as an alternative here.​
  • Podcast: This looks similar to Descript and Otter (but maybe fewer bells & whistles). Text-based audio editing in your browser. Try TypeStudio free for online podcast editing.

Listening 🎧

Make the offer!

How many times have you wanted to put an offer out to your audience but you think you need to create a funnel, sales page, email sequences, ads… before you even have validation that what you’re offering is what your audience wants?

In this week’s podcast I talk about two recent offers I made, how they did (I’m quite pleased), and why you don’t need to overcomplicate things.

Listen to “Making Offers & My Costa Rica Countdown KDS: 074” here

Sorry for the earworm this may cause… 🤣

Final thoughts…

Email Insiders VIP: I have 3 spots left for this pilot program! Ideal if you need to get back into OR kick off your email marketing! A private group coaching (10 people only), working with me to get your email marketing plan in place, working, and making sales! Just hit reply to set up a time to talk with me.

Next week will be my last newsletter written from the United States!!!! (for a while anyway). SO close… here we go!

Have a fantastic day my friends,


p.s. if you want to follow my journey to living and working in Costa Rica, you can sign up to follow it at PuraVidaJourney.com. Just put that up, so it’s just a landing page for now, but more coming SOON! 🍹

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