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Now that I’ve completely immersed myself in this idea of being “multi-passionate”, I’m seeing opportunities everywhere (funny how that works, isn’t it?).

I’m hardly acting on them all (or any of them for that matter), I’m simply having fun.

Here’s the crazy thing…

With this new found perspective I’m also seeing opportunities in things that may have seemed boring (i.e., not new) as well as seeing the opportunities to expand on things I’m already doing and do them better.

One of the easiest and fastest paths to growth is simple: be willing to do what most other people won’t.

I noticed this when I was offering a “done for you” podcasting service (this was about 6 years ago).

Podcasts were way easier to sell than websites. They have a little bit more of a “glamorous” feel than websites.

The majority of people who don’t succeed (and yes, success in podcasting is subjective) with podcasting is for one reason only: they give up too soon or don’t evaluate and adjust along the way.

Not to mention do they even enjoy podcasting?! (or did they start for the wrong reasons?)

I’m making another prediction that we’ll see the same thing happen with newsletters.

They’re pretty hot right now and anyone I know who is starting one absolutely sees the value and potential with a newsletter.

However, when the novelty and excitement of their “hot off the press” brand new newsletter wears off, now what?

It simply starts becoming another thing they have to do and produce (especially when started for the wrong reasons).

And trust me, I know how challenging it can be to do things that aren’t delivering a return (i.e, not generating revenue).

We’re still in the infancy stages of the Creator Economy.

Anyone can be a creator, but not everyone wants to be or is willing to do the work and put in the time.

No longer are T.V networks, movie studios, or big publishers dictating things (can I get an Amen?).

The ONLY thing standing between you and creating is YOU.

You also don’t have to be the one coming up with the “new” thing all the time, just add your spin, experience, and perspective on the things that are already growing and working.

Remember, there are billions of people on the planet you can serve.

Find new ways to get excited about what you’re already doing… and then go all in.

Let’s start having more fun and remembering why we started our businesses.

A Little Brainpower 🧠

It’s probably no secret that I’m a fan of all things podcast-related… and this is why I think this is cool. I like the idea of creators getting paid for content. Do I think everything needs a paywall? Of course not, but the option to add a paid podcast subscription? Love it. Read “Apple leads the next chapter of podcasting with Apple Podcast subscriptions” here.

With the upcoming addition of messaging on Instagram (beyond the DM), I’m paying more attention to this channel (and ManyChat). Messenger is still one of the best tools for event reminders and connections. Read the “Instagram Checklist: Your Guide for Growth Success” from ManyChat here.

Tool Time  🛠

It’s BACK!

Just a reminder: the unlimited pro plan for Conversion.ai goes away on April 30th! I used Conversion.ai to write an 1800+ word post last week. LOVE this tool! Get the pro plan here.

  • Screen recording: I pretty much use Loom or Camtasia for screen recording, but this free Chrome extension looks like it could be pretty handy. Try Screenity for screen recording free here.
  • Screenshot: this is another cool tool (also free) if you want to create better-looking screenshots (zoom in and highlight something). Try ProductShot free here.
  • Video: If you’re trying to upload videos and the files are all too large, try TinyVid to compress your videos (also a free tool!). Free download for both PC & MacGet TinyVid here.
  • Scheduling: another calendar option? Yep. I haven’t used Harmonizely, but it looks like another great scheduling tool that integrates with the necessary appsCheck out Harmonizely here.

Learning & Listening 🎧

I went deeper into diversification on the podcast this week. Again, this is in line with being “multi-passionate” and figuring out the best way forward for YOU based on what you enjoy doing and where you get the best return of your time. Listen to “You Decide Where You Focus: 3 Reasons You’re NOT Undisciplined KDS: 071” here. 

Selling isn’t something that comes easily to most people… at least not initially. More often than not, it has to do with how you *think* about selling. For me I have a tendency to make changes when I get pushed to frustration. Christine Kane went deep into this with her Soul Sourced Business podcast this week. Listen to “Clean Selling” here. 

Words of wisdom this week... and a hat tip to the Creator Economy

creator economy

Have a fantastic day,


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