#FtheHustle ~ 024 – The “NEW” Diversification


It’s confession time…

I’ve kind of gone down another rabbit hole (in addition to the rabbit hole that is all things “newsletter” related).

A couple of weeks ago I asked you if you considered yourself “multi-passionate” (which is a term I hadn’t heard before… and pretty much adore).

Many of you responded that yes, you were.

I’m right there with you.

What I loved most about discovering this term was that it was a brilliant reframe for me.

With so many people telling us that we have to focus, we have to pick “one thing”, etc., it felt like a huge weight off my shoulders.

So much so that I’ve got an entire podcast episode coming out this week that addresses this.

AND… another reframe on this topic.

Codie Sanchez of Contrarian Thinking addressed this in a recent podcast episode on Nathan Barry’s podcast (founder of ConvertKit). In talking about the Creator Economy, she said having more than one business or source of income is the new diversification.

Can I get an AMEN?!?!

I’m not talking about the chaos that happens when you hop from thing to thing to thing.

Or never finishing what you start.

That’s an entirely different conversation.

I’m referring to having a few different ways you generate revenue in your business(es).

Whether you do it all under one brand or have a few different brands.

It doesn’t matter.

YOU get to choose what works for YOU.

I currently have two brands (personal & Content Creators Planner with my business partner, Jodi Hersh), am launching a new stand alone newsletter under my company, and am going to do a website that shares my journey of my upcoming move to Costa Rica (and I’m playing with the idea of a podcast on that site where I can interview other digital nomads and entrepreneurs… kind of of a fun way to find my peeps down there).

Does this sound like a lot?

Not to me.

THIS is what excites me and keeps me motivated.

It’s kind of like the whole “morning routine” thing… I have zero desire to get up at 4am because that’s what other people do or say I need to do.

I have my own morning routine that works for me.


Here’s to diversifying! 🥂

A Little Brainpower 🧠

Anyone who has ever freelanced or owned a service business knows the feeling of “not all money being created equal”… in other words. Not all clients are worth saying yes to. Read “Yes, It’s Shocking: There Are Times You Should Turn Down Money” by Felicia Sullivan.

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Building an email list (er, a quality email list), is one of the best things you can do for your business (should be a primary focus). How much time & energy do you put into your list building? Nothing like a case study to show you how. Read how Ky Hye built an emai list of 27k with his RadReads newsletter here.

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Tool Time  🛠

It’s BACK!

Conversion.ai has re-opened their unlimited Pro plan! If you haven’t started using this yet, I can’t recommend it enough. Sign up for the trial and see how you can completely up-level ALL your writing! Get Conversion.ai here.

  • Social Media: this isn’t a new tool, but HOLY MOLY! Missinglettr just released their Instagram integration! Hallelujah! Create social campaigns from the content you’ve already created (from your blog feed)! Try Missinglettr for 14 days free here. 
  • Webinars: I shared WebinarKit a while back, but they’ve now added LIVE webinars (they launched with evergreen first). This tool is so clean & simple. I love it. I *think* it’s probably the best-priced webinar tool available. Get WebinarKit here.
  • Scheduling: I recently switched from Acuity Scheduling to TidyCal. Even though it was a low monthly price, I loved the idea of a lifetime deal for a scheduling tool. They’ve added a Zapier integration now (with more to come). Get TidyCal for life here.
  • Forms: Still using boring and ugly forms on your website? I still don’t know why this plugin hasn’t gotten more love. A beautiful Typeform-style plugin for WordPress. Try Tripetto free here.

Learning & Listening 🎧

Here’s the interview with Codie Sanchez of Contrarian Thinking and Nathan Barry that I mentioned above. This is one of those episodes I’ll be listening to again. She shares her journey, how she launched Contrarian Thinking, and the magic of diversification. Listen (or watch) “Codie Sanchez – The Key to Becoming a Future Billionaire – The Nathan Barry Show 029” here.

In case you haven’t seen this yet, I highly recommend Brennan Dunn’s “Create & Sell” newsletter. Hopefully next week you’ll see a change in my referral program based on what Brennan is doing in his (and he very generously shared his code for ConvertKit for this…). Either way, checkout and subscribe to Create & Sell here.

Funny and true…I prefer bearded Keanu 🤣

Coming next week! 🗓

If you want to learn a little more about Conversion.ai, I’m going to do a live demo, Monday, April 19th in the Content Creators Facebook Group at 10:30 am PDT.

​You can join that her(and I’ll send an email reminder on Monday morning).

Have a fantastic day,


F-the Hustle
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