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It’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks! 🌪

I’m happy to say that I’m settled in at my Dad’s for the next 7.5 weeks, so it’s back to work while getting ready to move out of the country.

Something fascinating happens when you have to be away from the computer for a while…

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love what I do, but the perspective we get when we step away for a bit?

Worth every second.

I’ve been saying that one of my goals in moving to Costa Rica is to work less, and earn more.

Probably a goal for many of us, right?

After 13 years in business, I’ve learned quite a bit.

I know how and where I waste time (social media), when I’m most productive, and where I get the best return of my time.

Do I always follow what’s best for me?

Um… no.

Not at all.

But I know how to course correct, I don’t beat myself up, and I refocus.

When I get away from the things that work, the biggest obstacle tends to be in my head.

I completely make a mountain out of a molehill, it becomes a much bigger issue in my mind that it really is, and I just have to “parent” myself and do it.

Once I start doing it, my energy shifts immediately.

I get caught up in the task at hand (remember… if it’s not fun, I’m not doing it) and before you know it, it’s done.

The things we do to ourselves with our minds…

It’s almost comical (when you get a little distance from it).

I’ve often said that the two things I enjoy doing most in my business are writing and podcasting (and it’s also where I get the best return).

Fortunately, it’s how I spend most of my time.

My challenge for you:

  • Write down where you spend most of your time
  • Write down how you would like to spend most of your time
  • Get clear on the steps you can take to shift more towards the things you enjoy doing

I know plenty of people who are not on every social platform, love what they do, and earn great incomes.

They do what they love, focus on their strengths, and have fun along the way.

Is there a big disconnect between how you spend your time and how you WANT to spend your time? Hit reply and let me know.

A Little Brainpower 🧠

I always love reading about how other people are making their living online, but more importantly, the stories I love most are the ones that people aren’t sacrificing the quality of their life to grow a business. This article from Amardeep Parmar speaks to exactly that. Read “How I Run a $6,000+ Per Month Side Hustle Empire Without Buring Out” here.

Related: “How Side Hustles Can Diversify Your Income and Help You Crush Your Financial Goals” by Ben Le Fort

Something many people struggle with is learning how to price things (and charge what they’re worth). Danielle LaPorte once said “It costs what it costs”… which I love, but not helpful in terms of figuring out what to charge. Neville Medhora has written a great article on Value Based Pricing that should help you. Read “Value Based Pricing (Examples, Benefits, and Calculator)” here.

Related: “What to Charge as a Freelancer: Does Value Based Pricing Live Up to the Hype?” by Benek Lisefski

Tool Time  🛠

A side bonus to sharing tools with you is that it’s clear to see what is trending. Even though I don’t change what I’m working on, it keeps things interesting. Voice & audio continue to grow as does the newsletter space.

  • Newsletters: Hat tip to my friend Tristan for sharing this with me yesterday. A newsletter platform that allows you to aggregate from multiple places (your feed, social, etc.). Check out Goodbits here.
  • Presentations: Most fans of Canva probably already know this, but if you’re not a fan of Powerpoint or Google slides, look no further! Try Canva Presentations here.
  • Chatbot: I don’t really have a need for a chatbot on my site, but if I did, there’s no shortage of tools to try. This is a recent find and looks pretty interesting! Try Tidio chat for free here.
  • Video: This looks like something I might test to do more newsletter promotion (creating a video highlighting the newsletter segments… when I have a little more free time). Check out easy video maker Typito here. 

Learning & Listening 🎧

Even though I haven’t done much with chatbots lately (or SMS at all), I still believe 100% that these are going to continue to be powerful channels. ManyChat has released an updated and completely FREE Video Course on using their platform for chatbots and SMS!
Take the free course here.

I listened to this interview a few days ago on the way to get my single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine shot (side effects hit me yesterday, totally fine today). I love Noah Kagan of AppSumo. In this interview with Dan on the TMBA podcast, Noah went deep into the surprising habits of wealthy people. Note: none of them are ‘bro’ marketers, or make a living off of influencer marketing. It’s a great reminder that you get to be YOU and create the life you want.
Listen to TMBA591: The Surprising Habits of Wealthy People here. 

When your brain and mouth don’t cooperate… 🤣

Coming next week! 🗓

I’m going to do a live training on Conversion.ai in the Content Creators Facebook group. I’ll be sending out the link on Friday so you can register for that event (free, but this way you’ll get the reminder).

Have a fantastic day,


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