#FtheHustle ~ 022 – Are You “multi-passionate?”

There is nothing like moving to remind you that you’re getting older.

Even getting rid of as much as I could and doing a little bit every day to make it as easy as possible, it was still exhausting.

I’m writing to you from California, where I’m hanging out my Dad’s house for the next 8 weeks (I somehow forgot basic math and screwed up my countdown, but oh well… I was only off by a week).

As I got down to the wire I ended up with lots of “misc” boxes… I put notes on them to “go thru before CR”…

We’ll see if that happens πŸ˜‰.

One of the biggest takeaways from all of this is that I’ve realized how very little I need.

I mentioned last week that I want a bigger life…more experiences, more texture, more joy.

That’s not to say I don’t have “things” that I want also (house ON the beach in Costa Rica? Yes, please), but I’m not attached to how and when things show up (which oddly enough, seems to speed up their arrival. Go figure).

I was listening to a podcast earlier this week where a coach was talking about working with “multi-passionate” entrepreneurs.

The entrepreneurs who like having different projects, different brands, etc. all going at the same time.

I waffle between wanting something super simple and wanting to do ALL the things. I don’t know that there’s a happy medium for me other than I’ve relaxed about wherever I am and just follow my gut.

Hopping around is often frowned upon (or doing too many things at once).

I guess at the end of the day the only person that knows what works best for you is you, right?

If you’re enjoying yourself, you don’t feel overwhelmed, and are profitable… who cares how you do it?

As a creative person I love having different things to work on… it keeps me from betting bored. I also know if I don’t structure myself a bit it’s only going to take me longer to finish things.

I’m truly curious… do you consider yourself “multi-passionate” in your business? If so, how does that work for you?

Comment below and let me know!


A Little Brainpower πŸ§ 

I’ve always been a huge proponent of creating content on properties you own, but at the same time, it’s also good to simply get started. If you’re not sure about where you should be creating online, look no further. Read “Where Should I Be Writing Online?” By Nicolas Cole here.


The sub heading of this article kind of says it all (but you should still read the whole thing). “Just get going, then get good.” Using “perfectionism” as an excuse won’t get you closer to your goals. Read “Turning Your Content Into Cash Doesn’t Have to Be Hard” by Jonah Malin here.

Tool Time  πŸ› 

Cue the broken record (i.e. me), but Conversion.ai just released a new plan that includes LONG form content! Obviously, I haven’t tried it yet because I’ve been having way too much fun moving… I also used Conversiona.ai to write cold outreach emails for a client last week… get a 7-day trial for Conversion.ai here.

Newsletters I’m Loving πŸ€“

One of my new favorites… I’m probably not the most objective person, but Liz Weaver is brilliant! Her THINK newsletter was started as a way to connect with her clients and is quickly growing into something bigger! Check out THINK for marketing tips and ideas to inspire you through stories here.​

​Technically this isn’t a newsletter, but it is for newsletter creators! Sponsorgap gives you a weekly update about finding the right sponsors for your newsletter as well as Sponsor highlights and recently added sponsors. Check out Sponsorgap here.

And since I just completed an 11-hour road trip with my dogs (who were great and got two puppacinno’s)…. I couldn’t resist this!

O.K., my friends! That’s all I’ve got this week! I’m hoping to test a new format next week (layout mainly), courtesy of Brennan Dunn (I shared his newsletter last week).

Here’s to a wonderful second quarter of 2021!

Have a fantastic day my friends,


F-the Hustle
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