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Cue Jimmy Buffet…

“Wasting away again in Margaritaville…🎤🎶”

O.K., O.K., I’m starting to get on my own nerves with this, but just let me have my excitement for a few more days, then I’ll calm down.

If you missed yesterday’s email, I announced that I’m officially moving to Costa Rica. You can read that here (and click through to check out the pics of my new place on my FB profile).

Making this big of a life change and major move has stirred up a LOT of emotions (I know, kind of stating the obvious aren’t I?).

There’s the obvious reasons…

  • Moving away from family and friends (mind you, I came to Boise without knowing anyone, but the pandemic made it pretty easy to stay in my bubble and take the year for myself)
  • Moving to a country I’ve never even visited (I know someone who adores it and has been going consistently for 15 years)
  • Going somewhere where I really don’t know anyone
  • This is an entirely new chapter in my life

But then there’s the stuff that sneaks up on you.

This move has brought up a lot of emotions with my Mom… in many ways I feel the freedom to do this has come from her passing. We were super close and this would be much harder if she were still here.

It also feels a bit like goodbye again?

I’m doing my best to honor whatever feelings and emotions come up, not feed them, and stay grounded.

And of course there’s the curiosity of what this will mean for my business.

Fortunately, Costa Rica has high speed internet now (and apparently fiber optic also, which I’ll be getting asap), but there is some serious rain in the fall and potential power outages…

On the flip side, I’ve already talked with a couple of friends about doing a Mastermind event sometime in the next year when the world opens up.

Which has been another goal I’ve had for a long time (in-person events).

After this last year I am seriously missing people… as in people in general.

Even though I love my time to myself, I truly missing connecting with like-minded individuals and seeing where that takes me.

Last month I made a decision to start enjoying social media again (let’s face it, the last year was draining on these platforms).

The primary reason for using social media is simple… being social and building relationships (duh, right?).

I still use social for promotion as well, but I don’t put a whole lot of weight into how well any organic social performs.

I do it because I choose to.

I spend time when and where I want and trust the process.

Just remember that YOU get to choose how and where you market your business.

A Little Brainpower 🧠

Whether you like him or not, this article from Bill Gates is worth reading. The first point, “Doers cultivate their curiosity” has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. Staying curious is invaluable. Read “Bill Gates: 4 Choices in Life Separate the Doers from the Dreamers” here.

This one is a little on the geekier side (and thanks Jan Koch for sharing), but this speaks directly to the power of GPT-3, which is the only AI to pass the Turing Test (as in Alan Turing, The Imitation Game), copy that passes as though it was written by a human. Read “GPT-3: How Will This Impact SEO and Content Marketing” here

Related: My favorite tool ==> Conversion.ai (yes, it’s AI that writes like a human)

Tool Time  🛠

I think I’ve been slacking a bit (or distracted by searching for Costa Rica beach pictures 😉), last week felt a little light on tools, but have no fear, I’ve got plenty for you to check out!

  • Newsletters: still obsessed, still working on my ‘epic post’ (prediction: newsletters will become a staple type of content, just like blog posts, video, podcasts, etc.). Letterhead is a newsletter creation tool (I haven’t tried it) alternative. Check out Letterhead here.
  • Social: For the life of me I can’t remember what this plugin used to be called, but it was acquired by Mediavine in the last couple of years. Grow Social Pro is my social media sharing plugin of choice. Get Grow here.
  • Audio: I love sending voice messages (via Voxer, iMessage, and now WhatsApp, since apparently, I have to have that in Costa Rica). This looks like a handy tool for teams for quick audio communication. Check out Verbz here (voice notes and audio messages).
  • Forms: I don’t *think* I shared this with you yet (the problem with sharing tools with two brands), but Tripetto is a Typeform-style plugin for WordPress.. and it’s brilliant! Get Tripetto for free here.

Newsletters I’m Loving 🤓

Because a piece of my heart will always belong to WordPress, there’s a new WordPress newsletter on the block: WordPress Weekly by Jason Hulott (this is the magic of newsletters… each author brings a different perspective). Subscribe to WordPress Weekly here.

Technically this isn’t a newsletter, but it’s newsletter-related. It also shows how newsletters are a great avenue for monetization (another channel for advertisers). Crowd Magnet is a way to do cross promotion with other newsletter creators (yep, I’ll be testing). Sign up free for Crowd Magnet here.

Since I’m in a “go for your dreams” kinda mood…

That’s it this week!

If you’re in the states, don’t forget to “spring forward” this weekend!

WOOHOO! Longer days and more sunshine!

Pura vida! (the saying in Costa Rica which means “pure life” or “simple life”).

Have a fabulous day,


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