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That’s my new favorite saying… “this πŸ’© works!”

Jodi and I started saying that last summer when we revisited our email follow-up sequences for Content Creators Planner and launched the newsletter, Creativity Published.

We said it jokingly, but it was because we were diligently being consistent with the things that most people start and stop (i.e., they find them boring and don’t return immediate results so they quit), such as:

  • writing valuable content
  • emailing your list regularly
  • sharing your content
  • investing in traffic (either paid or organic, which requires an investment of your time)

Take the all caps on selling with a grain of salt…

The point is that it’s perfectly O.K. to sell to your audience (i.e, you should be selling to your audience when you can help them solve a problem they have. It’s not something you need to apologize for when you do it correctly).

We measure the success of our efforts by how well they convert to sales (note: they do. Every time we email we get sales).

I used to talk about this when I offered a “done for you” podcast service.

The best way to succeed with a podcast?

Stick with it.

Don’t throw in the towel too soon.

This is also the best way to succeed with well… anything. Am I right?

Give it a chance to grow and gain some traction.

However, if you’re not enjoying it and you’ve given it some real effort (this is kind of subjective depending on what it is you’re doing), then by all means, move on.

It takes just as much courage to say something isn’t working as it does to start it and stick with it.

More so even… because it feels like we’ve failed, which we haven’t. We’ve simply found what doesn’t work.

Remember Thomas Edison and the light bulb?

10,000 attempts! πŸ’‘

Have patience young Jedi… be in this for the long haul, not the quick hits or overnight riches.

And the crazy thing is that when you’re in it for the long haul the quality of what you do improves and the quick hits and riches start showing up.


A Little Brainpower πŸ§ 

This is a great reminder on the power of the mind… and how it can work for you or against you. (Note: this is the type of content I devour for fun). Tim Denning used Dr. Joe Dispenza’s story as an example of the power of the mind in this article… and it’s a great reminder how you can also use it to create a business and life you love. Read “Your Thoughts Can Lift You Up or Destroy You, Slowly.” 

This article is both super motivating AND practical! It’s also a great example of #everythingiscontent (using what you’re doing to create valuable content). Author Nick Wolny launched 9 offers to his audience to test which would work best. He outlines each one, the results, and tips. Read “I’ve Beta-Tested 9 Online Offers During the Pandemic. Here’s How They Performed.”

Tool Time  πŸ› 

  • Whiteboard: if you’re a fan of the whiteboard, look no further! Good Annotations has an online whiteboard you can use for yourself or with your team. Use it free or upgrade for more projects & features. Try Good Annotations here.
  • Planning: I’ve tried mind map tools so many times… just not my thing. However, WriteMapper is kind of like a mind map and a writing/outline tool all in one. It’s all I use now. Try WriteMapper for free here.​
  • Twitter thread: I’m still working on improving (er, creating), my Twitter game (it’s been years, despite the 19k followers). Here’s a tool to create a Twitter thread (think this would be great for sharing the newsletter). Try ThreadCreator here.
  • Communication: I have never been a fan of Slack (#sorrynotsorry), but if I wanted a team communication tool this looks like a great alternative. Try Twist for free here.​

Worth Listening to 🎧

There is something so fun about discovering people you’ve never heard of who have a totally unique perspective on the things you do and love. It’s a great reminder that there are plenty of people to do business with…all over the world.

Nathan Barry interviewed Khe Hye, the founder of the Rad Reads newsletter this week and they talked about 10k an hour work, productivity, and how he sort of fell into his newsletter. Listen to 026: Khe Hye – How You Can do $10k/hr Work” here​

Related: My podcast episode this week: “Inspiration in Unexpected Places: Growing & Scaling Your Business KDS: 067”


The TMBA podcast (Tropical MBA) was one of the first podcasts I listened to way back in the day. I still love it today (almost 600 episodes). This episode talks about an entrepreneur who grew is business to 300k using Upwork! Listen to TMBA582: The Upwork Hustle here.​

Related: They also run an online job site for remote jobs! Check out Dynamite Jobs here (updated weekly!)

Haha… omg. So true. Although after the last year I am more than ready to be social (couldn’t resist a cute dog pic). 🐢

Honorable Mention β­

You gotta love it when people make things simply to lift our spirits. Orman Clark decided to create Positive Notes. A place where you can share a positive effing note (warning: liberal use of the “F” word on this site).

​Check out and share Positive Notes here

I would LOVE to hear from you!

Leave a comment (or send me an email) and let me know what you like about the newsletter, what you’d like to see more of (or less of), or if you simply look forward to it in your inbox (hopefully).

Have a fantastic day my friends,


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