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It’s been a while since I’ve felt this excited.

Here’s the crazy thing… I really don’t have any specific reason to be excited. It’s a handful of small things that are adding up.

AND… sometimes it just feels good to feel good, you know?

Last week I wrote a post on Content Creators Planner talking about my reframing of how I view social media.

I’ve been on most of the big platforms since 2008, when I started my business. Outside of the different times I’ve had some major personal challenges going on I’ve used social media and didn’t give it another thought.

I think I hit a wall after this past year and my frustration (with the things we’re all frustrated with) showed up via my ranty feelings about social media (we all have our moments, don’t we?).

Then last week I had a Yoda-like moment. ☯

decided I was going to change how I looked at it and focus on the aspects that bring me joy (connecting with people all over the world and developing true frienships) and where I want to spend my time.

The simple act of deciding that I wanted to enjoy social media shifted my mood instantly (and the content was easy to create).

I’m ironing out my schedule in terms of how I’m going to manage engagement and which platforms I’ll spend more time on, but I’m not in a huge rush. I’m perfectly content to baby-step my way into how I want to engage on a more consistent basis again.

I’ve also decided to be more social in real life… sort of. 😉 I’ve asked a few friends who are also becoming fanatical about newsletters to do a mini-mastermind where we can support one another through goals, accountability, and sharing what’s working.

As much as I love my time to myself (and I have plenty of it), I really miss the connection and camaraderie that happens through groups like this. Our first meeting is next week and I can’t wait!

I’ve also started doing podcast interviews again! YAY! Those will start rolling out every other week like I used to do before, so stay tuned.

Now let’s get into the goodies!

A Little Brainpower 🧠

If you’ve been wondering what your first (or next) digital product should be, look no further. Creating a quality e-book is still a brilliant way to add revenue and solve problems. Read “I Created a 201-Page Profitable eBook & Mini-course in One Month” by Felicia Sullivan here.

​O.K., this one might sting a little bit, but nothing will change your business and life faster than taking complete responsibility. Much like my message above, you can choose where you focus your time and attention. Read “Ineffective People Focus on Everything Outside of Themselves” by Tim Denning.

Tool Time  🛠

It’s been a fun week… buckle up for some tool-time goodness!

  • Conversion.ai: Thanks to Jan Koch for sharing this with me. HOLY MOLY. I’ve used a handful of ai powered writing tools and this by far has the best promise. I’ve created ad copy and a couple of frameworks already. Although I kinda wonder how Marvel would feel about the use of “Jarvis”..check out Conversion.ai here.
  • It’s hard to beat a lifetime deal on a tool you use all the time. Enter “TidyCal” from the creators of SendFox (i.e., AppSumo). This is definitely an MVP, but I set up a scheduling page in minutes. If you’re heavily vested in integrations and automations this is still pretty basic, but for $19 it’s a steal. Checkout TidyCal here.
  • I just found Podbooker and haven’t tried it yet, but I’m ready to jump back into being a podcast guest more often. Here’s a tool that allows you to connect directly with hosts. Try Podbooker here.
  • If you’ve decided to step into the awesomeness that is newsletters, a growing trend for promotion is cross-promotion with other newsletter creators. Looks like CrowdMagnet might be the solution to creating those connections. I haven’t signed up yet, but will. Check out CrowdMagnet here.

Congratulations Are in Order 🥳

Sometimes I have to remind myself how fortunate I am to know so many amazing people. This week I want to highlight two of those people who have recently hit “publish” on new creations!

Congratulations to my friend, Bridget Willard for creating and releasing a brand-new WordPress plugin called “Launch with Words.” This free plugin will give your clients (or yourself) blog prompts for 12 consecutive months! She’s started with a few industry niches but more are coming. Download Launch with Words here

As we continue to live through these, ahem, unique times, it’s clear that things have changed and now more than ever we realize the power of online events. My good friend Jan Koch has written the book on virtual summits and you can get it for .99 on Amazon for a limited time! Get your copy of “The Virtual Summit Mastery Method” here.

Cheers my friends on creating and shipping such great products! 🥂

Yep, my phone is always on silent… 🤫(although at 15 for me it would have been a walkman)

A couple more notable mentions…

The video recording tool Loom has now added transcription as an option for your videos (in beta, and I believe it’s for the paid version only and I don’t know if the price will increase once out of beta). Not familiar with Loom? Probably the easiest video tool available for screen capture recording. Check it out here.

A HUGE shoutout and Thank You to Mike Killen for the email mention of #FtheHustle last weekend. Made my day! Mike is the founder of “Sell Your Service” and is the guy to go-to for all things funnel related. Connect with Mike here.

O.K. my friends…

Have a wonderful last few days of January.

You’ve got this!


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