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I’m going to go out on a limb today and make a few predictions.

These are solely based on observations, my own research, and a gut feeling, which, after 13 years in business I feel pretty good about sharing.

As uncertain as things may feel right now, I’m actually feeling really excited about the possibilities and looking forward to seeing how everything unfolds.

  • Social media: while I jokingly say it’s exhausting, there’s no way things won’t be changing on this front. People are getting tired of the noise, the tracking, the lack of privacy, and the pay-to-play only model. Not that people won’t pay (personally I’d rather pay at this point than spend all day on social), but with organic reach continuing to plummet it doesn’t make sense to keep giving these platforms free content with very little return (if I were to go all-in on one it would be Youtube… for SEO).
  • Influencers: I probably know the least about this space, but even that term feels tired. I think brands and businesses will want a more tangible return, consumers are tired of the hype, and people are going to have to provide value as opposed to just having a name.
  • Back to basics: Good ol’ fashioned direct response marketing principles and strategies become popular again. They never went away, but people are realizing they better build their businesses on platforms they own and can control (websites, email marketing, quality content, customer service).

Those are just a few predictions, and I could be completely wrong… but I don’t think so (and I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts! Just hit reply and let me know what you think).

It’s crazy when you think about how many people there are in the world, doing business online who don’t have a huge following on Instagram, a Facebook group, or are an influencer (randomly picked those, but you get the point).

What they are doing is solving problems for customers and serving people.

Marketing and advertising are part of doing business, but this is all testament to you being able to do it in a way that works for you.

Pick what you enjoy doing and go all in.

No one needs to be “seen everywhere.”

It’s READY! πŸ₯³

I’m THRILLED to announce that “Email Marketing Sessions” is LIVE!

Like I mentioned last week, you don’t need to optin or sign up for this. This is my new, free Email Course. This is a lead magnet on my site and what I’ll be using for paid lead gen ads.

The one thing I’ve done differently with this (for new subscribers) is that I’m asking a couple of questions prior to opt-in. I’m using ConvertBox to ask the questions, which then ads a custom field to each subscriber (to create better segments).

You’ll receive a zip file with each of the email lessons on a single PDF (there are 7 lessons that are sent 7 days in a row to the new subscriber) and the accompanying audio sessions (an audio version of each lesson with a little more depth than the email).

A Little Brainpower πŸ§ 

Ever heard the phrase “imperfect action”? It’s one of my favorites. Until you know better, the best way to get better is to do the work (without needing to tell everyone you’re doing the work). I think that’s why I appreciated this article so much. Read “Any Idiot With a Plan Can Beat a Genius With Hope.”​


You don’t owe anyone an explanation for what you want (or why you want it). When people make judgments about other people’s desires it speaks volumes about them, not the person they’re judging. Read “Don’t Quit On Your Dream Of Making A Million Dollars.”

Tool Time πŸ› 

Helping you write better copy, schedule your life, make your posts pretty, and grow your newsletter.

  • ​Copysmith: This may very well put Funnelscripts to shame. AI-generated copy (ads, headlines, and soon – landing pages). A friend walked me through this and I was floored at the quality.
  • ​Woven: I haven’t tried this yet, but I love the personalization of the calendar link. I’ll be setting this up this weekend (it’s got early access pricing).
  • ​Gutenberg Block Library & Toolkit: My love of blocks continues. This free plugin allows you to save your colors (thanks for the share Davinder).
  • ​Sparkloop: This is the tool I’m using for the BRAND new referral program (see the bottom of the newsletter). Super easy to set up. I’ll keep you posted on how it evolves.

You’d rather watch πŸ“Ή

Within the first few minutes of this video Noah Kagan shares the the non-sexy thing that successful YouTubers do to grow their channel (don’t want to grow a YouTube channel, there’s still massive value for marketing your business). Watch Noah Kagan’s 100,000+ Subscribers YouTube Strategies and Advice​


Feel like you don’t know where to start when it comes to writing headlines? Look no further. Joanna Wiebe of Copyhackers shares “How to Write Headlines for Beginner Copywriters” (and you don’t need to be a copywriter… we all write headlines).

Leave it to an animal…😊

Introducing the referral program!

Are you enjoying #FtheHustle? Consider sharing with a friend (or two or three).

When you do (make sure you use your unique custom referral link below), you’re going to start earning points towards #FtheHustle rewards!

After all, as much as we all like a personal Thank You, I want to send you something more. Just click on the links below to share, easy peasy! (note: rewards may be updated or changed as the program progresses).

*You have to be an #FtheHustle subscriber to join the referral program. Click the button below to get on the list (and your custom referral code will be sent in the next issue.*

I’m working on my in-depth post about newsletters still, hoping to have that out in the next couple of weeks. Now that “Email Marketing Sessions” is done I should have more time to complete that.

Have a fantastic day,


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