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I have to give a HUGE shout out to anyone who lives in a cold climate. I am officially declaring myself a wimp.

It is too freakin’ cold here for me. 🥶

Maybe I should close my eyes and throw a dart at a world map to see where to go next? Although maybe I should only select places with a warm climate…. hmm…


I’m pretty excited that we’re finally in December. Even though I know a magic wand won’t be waved come January 1st there is something hopeful about a New Year.

Like a lot of entrepreneurs I’m thinking about what I want my business to look like next year. On my drive down to see my Dad last week I listened to 2 full audiobooks (on each leg of the journey).

I managed a couple of podcasts as well.

One thing I found fascinating was that I had already listened to both of these books but this time I connected with something completely different!

We all know the saying “when the student is ready the teacher appears”… that’s exactly what happened for me with both of these books.

As well as one of the podcast episodes I had listened to.

I’ve been at this a long time. There are so many things that I thought I understood but looking back I can see what I was missing (hindsight is 20/20 right? I’m full of trite sayings today).

The truth is “it takes as long as it takes.”

Be gentle with yourself and your journey, just don’t give up.

A Little Brainpower 🧠

Trevor Blake is one of those people I discovered listening to a podcast where he was the guest. I was intrigued by the fact that he sold 3 companies for 600 million that he created from home… working only 5 hours a day and having no employees. Since discovering him I’ve been diving into his mindset work. This is why I loved his “7-Day Mentality Diet Challenge.”

Continuing on with a little mindset and psychology (the role this plays in business and marketing is fascinating… and can really solve some of the missing pieces of the puzzle), this article on using psychology to grow newsletter referrals will work with any type of referral program. Read “How to Use Psychology in Your Newsletter Referral Program to Get More Subscribers.”

Tool Time 🛠

I seriously love seeing new competition in what feels like a crowded or saturated space. When I started podcasting I conducted all my interviews over Skype (does this make me an OG? Original Gangsta… haha). Now there are lots of options for recording high-quality audio and video interviews. My latest discovery is Riverside.FM. 

I’m pretty immeshed in Google docs, but it’s always interesting to test out a new document tool (especially when they “look good”). I really do love a clean writing space, which is probably why I like Gutenberg. When creating content though I tend to write directly in the tool (WordPress or ConverKit). Check out Craft for writing collaboration.

For Your Listening Pleasure 🎧

This week’s podcast episode was pretty fun to write. I love it when an idea strikes me and the words flow effortlessly. Too many people will hit publish or release a product and then wonder why it stops delivering results. This is why. Listen to “Finish What You Start & Watch Profits Soar KDS: 059” here

This was one of the podcast episodes I listened to on my drive back from California. As I continue to grow my business (both brands), I’m super focused on getting some leverage (i.e., not being a dancing monkey on social media). This podcast will make you rethink creating evergreen marketing campaigns. Listen to “Mariah Coz: 7 FIgures From Courses in One Year” here

Because We All Need More Books 📕

Molly Pittman got her start with Digital Marketer right out of college (her story is pretty cool). She grew with the company to become a traffic expert and has since joined Ezra Firestone at Smart Marketer. She is whip-smart and her book Click Happy is a great read on the fundamentals of this ever-changing space. Read “Click Happy” by Molly Pittman here.

How many times have you said you want to shift what you’re doing? Maybe you need to charge more. Maybe it’s shifting from services to products. Usually, the biggest thing getting in your way are your own beliefs. We all have set beliefs that we’re not even aware of. The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks will help you figure out your limiting beliefs and release fear.

I think we should all carry pocket confetti 🥳

How great is that?

Can you imagine how you’d feel if your through process was to have something celebratory on-hand every time you heard good news?

Nothing like a child to remind us to be present.

Speaking of good news, I’m quite chuffed with this recent testimonial I received from a coaching client (and thanks to all my Aussie & UK friends for teaching me chuffed!):

“Kim Doyal continues to exceed my expectations.

Another business owner told me about Kim and about her success with Kim. I immediately connected with her and knew I needed to work with her in her one-off coaching sessions. I’ve worked with other business coaches before with little success. Kim on the other hand is exactly what I needed; fast-paced, fun, great business foresight, and immediately understood my business and my goals.

I am now confident in my direction and excited for the future.

HUGE shout out to Kim Doyal. You are AMAZING!”

-Gina Vincent, Blissed Out Fit & Feisty

If you’ve been thinking about a coaching session with me, now’s the time! The new price goes into effect in a few days!

Schedule a Focus Session with me where we spend 90 minutes creating a custom plan based on your business, your goals, and what you truly want to be doing!

Schedule your Focus Session here 

And that my friends, is all she wrote!

Hav a fantastic day,


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