From Welfare to 8 Figures in Two Years with Giancarlo Barraza – WPCP: 099

Giancarlo Barraza

I first met Giancarlo Barraza at a mastermind event in January, 2014.

My first impression of Giani?

ATV riding with Giani in Mexico

TONS of enthusiasm, passion, and commitment (if you follow Giani on Facebook, which I recommend you do, you’ll see what I’m talking about. Because of his passion & commitment shows in everything he does).

Giani left the mastermind we were in together and I’ve watched his amazing growth over the past two years (and quite frankly have been in awe). I’ve said it before on the podcast and it bears repeating here… if you can learn how to do paid traffic (and I mean learn how to do it correctly and be profitable), you can succeed online. You simply have to be patient, test and measure everything you’re doing.

If you haven’t heard of CPA marketing (and affiliate marketing), or aren’t familiar with it, you will be after this interview.

I specifically asked Giani how someone could get started if they were totally new to affiliate marketing and CPA.

His answer?

You have to listen to the podcast… 🙂

You don't need a lot of money to get started, but you have to remember it's a business Click to Tweet

Questions I Asked Giani

  1. Can you fill the listeners in on what you were doing when we first met?
  2. Explain what it is you do (what your business is today).
  3. What are some of the challenges and struggles you’ve dealt with?
  4. What is something you see your students doing over and over again that gets in their way?
  5. Where would you suggest someone start when they’re first getting into paid traffic?
Mostly it's about mindset... it's about how badly you want it Click to Tweet

What You’re Going to Learn

  1. What he sacrificed when he was building his business (everyone thought he was crazy)
  2. The one place Giani recommends you get started… and why he recommends getting started this way
  3. How he’s built his team
  4. Why he believes mindset is the most important thing you need when scaling a business
  5. What Giani does on Facebook everyday to reach his community
  6. Where can someone start with their mindset?
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Connect with Coach Giani

Website | Facebook | YouTube

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