Friday find & My little punk

Happy Friday ,

One of my dogs is such a little punk. 🐶

Since my two dogs are the source of much of my entertainment these days, they probably amuse me more than they should.

Yesterday when I went to the grocery store I picked up a couple of “good bones” for them (the kind that they’ll gnaw on for hours).

I was sitting on the couch with Lily (the punk), and went to record a video to show my daughter how loud the chewing was and when I looked over at her she had stolen my other dog’s (Bailey) bone! (Bailey is the left, Lily is on the right).

These bones are so big she can only chew on one at a time… so I’m not sure what her little brain was thinking, but after a shocked exclamation on my part Bailey came out and got her bone back (kind of like she knew I busted Lily so now it was safe to come and fetch her bone).

Bear with me here, and this might feel like a bit of a stretch, but it kind of reminded me of what I see people doing in business all.the.time.

Instead of focusing on one thing, which is right in front of them, they get distracted and think they need to jump into something else or buy a course/hire a mentor/pick up the new tool when they haven’t finished the thing they’ve been working on.

Hear my heart…

I’ve done this plenty of times myself.

“OMG! I HAVE to have this course! THIS will change everything!”

Now when I see a course or product I want (i.e., “think” I need), I choose to trust. If it’s something that is relevant to what I’m currently working on and supports my current business goals, I may jump in.

Even if I don’t implement it all right away, I make the purchase and integrate it into what I’m doing.

My Friday find is a reminder to keep things simple.

I shared this new writer I found in the last issue of #FtheHustle, David Perell. He’s pinned this tweet to his Twitter account and I wanted to share it with you.

Too many people think they’re not creative, can’t write, or simply don’t write well (remember: you’re not going to get better at something by not doing it).

You don’t have to have lofty goals of “becoming a writer” to communicate effectively with your audience.

Here’s the tweet (and he’s a smarty if you want to follow him or subscribe, highly recommend):

My two favorite points:

  • Use simple words
  • Write for skimming, not deep reading

Follow David Perrell on Twitter here

I’m a big fan of formatting content on the web so it’s easier to read (images, different size fonts, shorter paragraphs).

The best thing you can do to grow your business is to learn how to communicate effectively with the people you’re trying to help.

Be easy about it…

If you simply put one foot in front of the other and take small consistent action, you’re going to get there.

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