Freelancing & WordPress: My Interview with Brennan Dunn WPCP: 075

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Brennan Dunn. Back in 2008, he started freelancing full time after he gathered a large client base. He realized he was losing a lot of opportunities by staying small so he decided to grow his business. Brennan learned how to sell, market, and how to price what he was doing and then he was able to build a team. He opened an office and hired 11 full-time payroll employees. He eventually exited that company he created but he still consults and does similar work.

His main focus is to help freelance consultants grow their businesses without going through all the troubles he dealt with. The biggest thing was that he didn’t just become better at what he did overnight, he really figured out how to do what he wanted and how to do it well which made a night and day difference when it came to how much money he made. He now provides software and products to freelancers and consultants with the luxury of doing it all from his home! (Gotta love it!)

Questions I asked Brennan:

  1. What was it like to have employees and be responsible for people’s livelihoods? 
  2. How did Brennan go about becoming a full-time freelancer?
  3. What are some common obstacles people have when they jump into freelancing?
  4. How does Brennan help his clients realize their worth?
  5. Why don’t people market their own business?
  6. What makes people more likely to refer you to others?

Things You’re Going to Learn: 

  1. What Brennan’s biggest business shifting event was.
  2. How Brennan was able to shift from selling himself as a commodity to selling a solution and how it helped his business. 
  3. Why it’s so important to understand your client’s business model and what relationship their website has with their business. 
  4. Why you should sell yourself as a positive addition to your client’s business rather than an expense. 
  5. How Brennan was able to provide value to people without them being a client.

Where to Connect with Brennan 

Website | Facebook | Twitter

Links Mentioned in the Podcast:

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