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I hate to say it, but I was a little disappointed in Ocean’s 8 (a third installment for the ‘Ocean’ movies for those of you not familiar with it).

I loved the first two movies and when I saw the all-female cast for this version I was pretty excited. The cast didn’t disappoint, but the movie felt… flat (only word I can think of). It was entertaining but would have been fine to watch on Amazon in a couple months too.

There seems to be this resurgence of making old things new again (although I don’t know that this is necessarily a ‘new’ thing, we’re just more aware of it because we have access to information 24/7).

As much as I love seeing things from my past come back, you know me… I love finding cool new things to test and try (fortunately, I keep it under control because otherwise, I’d never get any work done).

One of the “new” things I’m committed to making work are chatbots (they’re ‘sort of’ new).


Before you decide that they drive you crazy and you don’t like them (I felt a little like that at first also), I’ve been doing my homework.

Last year we saw a bunch of people jump into Messenger Marketing (with Facebook)… and some were a wee bit obnoxious. One big name marketer (who shall remain nameless), sent 8 messages in one day!

DUDE! Slow your roll.

What is most fascinating about this space today is that all the people that thought they would get overnight riches have gone away. Just like any other marketing channel, Messenger marketing (I’m using that term as opposed to chatbots because I’m only using this on Facebook right now), takes work.

I’ve always felt that a very ‘sweet spot’ for Messenger marketing is with live streams. The ability to trigger messenger with a comment word seems super powerful (I’ll be testing this next week. I tried it once last year but I didn’t think it through all the way).

There are a few other things I’m trying as well, and of course, will create content around what I’m trying and how it’s working. I’ve got a podcast episode coming out in a few weeks where I interviewed Matt Staton & Matt Tims of Botpreneur (Facebook Group). How does the idea of .20 opt-ins sound when running an FB ad to Messenger? (Yes, that’s twenty cents).

The whole thing is fascinating to me.

What really shifted my thinking with Messenger marketing is that it’s conversational.

It creates engagement from the start.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not giving up email marketing anytime soon and absolutely believe in it. This is simply another channel of marketing and of course, content.

Remember that you’ll get booted pretty quickly off of Messenger if you spam people or pitch them all the time. There are certain terms of service you need to follow.

There are a bunch of different tools out there you can try for Messenger marketing, I’m using ManyChat (I’ve tried Chatfuel and think I’ll be going to a meetup in San Francisco they’re hosting next week) and love it. It’s super user-friendly (the UI is just pretty!) AND… you can start for free! 🙂

Another reason I love ManyChat?ManyChat

Their amazing free course that will get you up and running in no time.

It’s called Messenger Marketing & Chatbot Mastery

… and yes, it’s totally free (I’m almost halfway done, the content is great!).

I’ll be sharing some behind-the-scenes stuff in my Facebook group (Content Creators), so be sure to join us if you haven’t (it really is an amazing group).

On that note, I’m off to top off my coffee for the last session of my ‘Everything Is Content’ course (this is round 2, it will be open again in August).

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