Kim Doyal

The digital marketing landscape is turning upside down… and it’s a good thing! 💣

Make 2023 the Year your Content and Email Marketing Become Your Automated Sales Machines!

The best part about this disruption is that it makes it easier for you to get your message out to the world in a meaningful and profitable way. 

Too many people are looking for the latest hack or shortcut to success online (anyone else thinking about AI? As much as I love it, it’s not taking over anytime soon). 

If the thought of having to do “more” leaves you feeling exhausted (content that works isn’t just about creating “more”), you’re in the right place!

We're about to enter a New Year, and you've promised yourself that 2023 will be different.

Tell me if this sounds familiar...

You’ve asked the questions, figured out the problem, and created the right solution for your audience.

You’ve spent all this time digging deep.

You’ve been listening to what people say in Facebook groups, replied to email responses, hopped on a few phone calls, and thought, “YES! This is it! This is exactly what my audience is struggling with!”

You map out your offer, create the framework and lessons, then get ready to launch!

The date is picked, the emails are written, and your checkout is set up.

Your motivation is starting to decrease a bit (this is a lot of work), but you keep going because you know that, FINALLY… this is “the thing” that will start moving the needle forward in your business.

You’ll be able to stop doing work that sucks the life out of you and begin doing work that sets your soul on fire. 🔥

Launch day comes.

You email your list and sit back, waiting for the sales to start rolling in.

Only they don’t.

At the end of the day, you’re ready to give it all up.

You’re sick and tired of being on this hamster wheel, especially when it feels like everyone else is killing it! (Even though you know you only see the 'highlight reel'... it still sucks).

I completely understand your pain!

I’ve been doing this for almost 15 years… and there have been plenty of times when I thought, “this is it!!!”

And then it wasn’t.


Projects, courses, products, services… all created with two goals: to serve people and create a business that supported the quality of life I wanted.

Why does it feel like everyone else can reach that level?

What am I doing wrong?

Up until a few years ago, I seemed to cycle through this business stage every few years. I’d grow something, and things would be going well, then it would essentially plateau.

Or I’d realize I was doing something because it was paying the bills, not making me excited for my day (ever feel like instead of a business, you created a job for yourself?).

There is NO need to struggle like this anymore.


This is where the Focus Session comes in...

Hi, my friend,

A few years ago, I got crystal clear on what I wanted and ended up creating an e-commerce brand (The Content Creators Planner) and selling over 9,000 of a physical product without any e-commerce experience. We quickly went from a failed Kickstarter to over $40k a month in sales!

I recently launched a brand NEW planner company called Create It... with a successful presale launch, all through email.

But this isn’t about building an e-commerce brand (you’ll notice I haven’t given up my personal brand; I’m scaling that now too).

This is about getting clarity in your business and creating a plan.

A solid foundation that allows you to create the income and lifestyle YOU want (don’t get me started on the “hustle culture”).

I’ve coached entrepreneurs who have launched new brands, physical products, service businesses, and courses.

There are a few vital pieces that every entrepreneur needs in place. Once you get these in place, everything else seems to start working.

Kim Doyal

But don't just take my word for it...

Tess Wittler

Kim is incredibly generous with everything she teaches,
and she always over-delivers.

I've followed Kim's work for years, and last fall, I had the opportunity to be a part of Email Insiders 1.0. From the first lesson, I realized just how expansive Kim's knowledge of email marketing and newsletters is, and her passion for this topic is evident. She's able to take a large topic and divide it into actionable, bite-size pieces that make sense. Before you know it, you are making real progress and you, too, get immersed in the momentum! If you implement her steps, you will see real results.

- Tess Wittler

Schedule a Focus Session

90 Minute Strategy Session: One-on-one personal coaching where we'll do a deep dive into your business. Where you are and where you want to be, six months from now.

Personal Review: I'll personally review your intake form before our call. I'll review your website, your goals, and your opportunities.

Custom Plan: We'll create an action plan together. You'll understand how the pieces fit, where to start first, and how to achieve your six-month goals.

Unique Framework: Moving forward, you'll have a unique framework you can reference and apply to your business whenever you're ready to grow and scale from where you are.

Assets: You'll get a recording of the call along with your written plan and framework.

Peace of Mind: Imagine how you'll feel knowing you've created a solid plan, with actionable items, a manageable framework, and a renewed sense of value for what you provide.

Happy Coaching Clients

Bertrand Ngampa

I guarantee that this will be the single best investment you make into yourself and your business this year. I have invested with Kim time and time again because she always gives me clear instructions and she is speaking from know-how. She is not selling you some theories or something out of a book, but years of real hard work experience. 

When I came to Kim, she first wanted to understand where I have been and where do I want to go. From there we worked together to build a plan that would not only help me immediately but long term as well. It is easy to get up in all the hype marketing. Kim is not a hype marketer. She is a true hidden gem in a world of online gurus. One of the very few I would trust with my business. 

- Bertrand Ngampa

Cheryl Kerr
Kath and I want to say a HUGE thank you to you! We came to you last year with a plan for a physical product, it took a while for us to get ourselves together but since we started working with you a few months ago, everything has just taken off!
From start to finish: the initial ideas, how to source the right people to help, how to map out our content strategy, how to create a killer sales page, how to define and draw in our perfect customers, how to build our email list and how and what offers to make and when.....we launched our product on 31st October and WOW! 
We are blown away by the results we've gotten! We followed your advice and suggestions and implemented everything and if sales continue the way they are.....we will have generated £15k worth of sales in just 8 weeks!
Honestly, we can't thank you enough for your support, encouragement, expertise, and guidance, this has been a fantastic experience and we're now talking about getting our 2nd product out there!
We could NOT have done any of this without your skills and knowledge.
Thank you so much!
Kim, you absolutely ROCK!!
With gratitude!
Cheryl and Kath.

- Cheryl Kerr

Schedule a Focus Session

Currently, my 90-minute focus session is $397.

However… for the next few days, ONLY you can book a one-on-one, focus session with me where I personally work with you to get clarity, create a content and email marketing plan, and start creating the business and lifestyle that works for you for only $297!

**100% Take-it-to-the Bank Guarantee!**

I personally guarantee that if you implement everything we’ve planned out in your session, and have consistently followed through and you’re still not getting results, I’ll give you your money back (*note: you will have to show you’ve done the work).


Because this requires my time, I'm limited to how many of these I can do each month.

Book Your Session TODAY!

Once you’ve signed up for your Focus session, you’ll automatically be taken to the page to fill out the intake form and schedule your call.
You'll get reminder emails with your call link before our session.

Make 2023 YOUR year!

No More...

Struggling to make a profit

Working just to pay the bills and get by

Doing work you don't love

Working with clients who don't value you and what you do

Feeling like all you've done is create a job for yourself

2023 CAN be different. But you need a plan to make that happen!
Only $297 (Reg. $397)

Kim Doyal

More Happy Coaching Clients

"Kim Doyal continues to exceed my expectations."
Another business owner told me about Kim and about her success with Kim. I immediately connected with her and knew I needed to work with her in her one-off coaching sessions.
I've worked with other business coaches before with little success.  Kim on the other hand is exactly what I needed; fast-paced, fun, great business foresight, and immediately understood my business and my goals.
I am now confident in my direction and excited for the future.
HUGE shout out to Kim Doyal. You are AMAZING!

- Gina Vincent

Kerrianne Edwards

Strategic, wise, funny, and kind... Kim's ultimate superpower is seeing the big picture while simultaneously zeroing in on the SPECIFIC actions that will make the biggest difference to your business.
She's the business coach I turn to for clarity when my inner "crazy creative" gets overwhelmed by the sheer number of ideas and moving parts in my business.

If she's got space in her schedule for you, jump at the opportunity... you'll be SO happy you did!"

- Kerrianne Edwards