Feeling Better… And Some Business Clarity

Busines Clarity

As an entrepreneur, I’ve always liked Monday’s.

I rarely schedule calls on Monday which gives me the headspace to fully invest my energy into the week ahead. Sometimes I’ve gotten ahead of the week the day before and other times it’s a ‘one day at a time’ thing.

Which is pretty much how the last month has been.

When something in life turns your world upside down it’s amazing to see what clarity comes through the challenge and how the simplest things can bring you joy.

It’s been over a month since my Mom passed away and life is starting to calm down a bit.

I’m more or less settled in after moving up to be with my Dad for a while (the dogs love it up here… stay tuned for pictures and stories, it’s going to be an adventure. One of the dogs decided to try to ‘mask’ her scent by rolling around in deer poop… so that was awesome).

It’s a little bittersweet being here because everything reminds me of my Mom, but I feel her with me every day.

And bonus?

The only thing I hear outside my window is the sound of the wind in the trees (no mowers, blowers, neighbors, etc.).

I’m heading out to Orlando tomorrow to speak at the Recurring Revenue Retreat, which you would have heard more about had the summer not been so difficult.

That being said, I’m thrilled I was asked to speak and am really looking forward to getting out of my day-to-day environment and connecting with some good friends in person (I’ll definitely get some pics and share a recap as well).

I’m bringing my journal and some sticky notes to do some planning.

I’ve gotten a lot of clarity about what I want my business to look like and where I put my energy moving forward.

In the 11+ years I’ve been doing this, I don’t think I’ve ever felt as confident about what I’m doing or enjoyed the work as much as I do now (note to anyone waffling on what you do: trust your gut. Listen to the niggles and do the things you enjoy most NOW).

The two things I enjoy doing most:

Creating and inspiring.

I know I want less time in the noise of this space (still not totally sure what that looks like) and more time connecting and creating.

I’m slowly building up my ‘team’ again (which I intend to keep small) and am able to focus on the things I love to do. Of course, there’s still plenty of work I’m doing that isn’t necessarily in my zone of genius, but it’s all part of building the foundation.

One of the decisions I made recently was to sign up for Design Pickle.


I’m pretty thrilled so far. I had worked with a designer on retainer for years (she was brilliant and I loved her work), but when I got out of web work I didn’t really need it.

Fast forward to today and with clients again (content marketing clients) I knew we needed to up the graphics game.

I’ll be doing a full in-depth review and post about them (going to reach out to the founder for a podcast interview), but it’s opened up this huge window of opportunity for my company.

There are a lot of other decisions I’ve made about where I’m going and what I’m doing and I shared it all in my last podcast episode.

A little warning: the first 10 minutes are pretty weepy.

Listen to “Re-evaluting Business After Heartbreak & Loss: KDS: 042” here

Content Traffic Kickstarter

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