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Remember everything is content, be a creator!

Duct Tape Marketing

I joined John Jantsch to talk about building a business around an unmet need, and what #FtheHustle was all about.

Hack the Entrepreneur

Jonny Nastor and I talked about how to be a category of one in your busines

Click Funnels Logo

ClickFunnels Radio

Dave Woodward and I discussed creating engaging and captivating content.

Smart Business Revolution

My journey from a service based business, to a personal brand and software company.

Kommerce Kings

Kommerce Kings

Trey and I talk about “done for you” and “done with you” services and business on your terms.


What’s Your Next Move Podcast

Arlene Battishill and I go deep with my journey and what became my ‘new normal’.

WP Elevation

Another visit to the WP Elevation show. This time Gin and I talk about life struggles and running a business.

Kinsta Kingpin

My background, services, and my journey in growing a WordPress based business.

Agency Trailblazer

This is part one of a two part podcast with Lee Jackson. We talked WordPress, content, life and had a few laughs.

Matt Report

Matt and I talked about the launch of LeadSurveys, Content Creators, and moving to my personal brand.

Imagely Podcast

Scott and I talked about content & WordPress, starting a software company and being a creator.

InnovaBuzz Podcast


Jurgen and I discussed podcasting, consistency of message, and how share valuable content with your audience.

Allegra Sinclair – Allegrativity Podcast

Allegra and I talked about making yourself the priority in your own life. A must-listen to for any entrepreneur.

OfficeHours FM

This was my second time talking with Carrie on OfficeHoursFM and we went all in on marketing and content creation.

BobWP Ecommerce Show

BobWP Ecommerce Show

Bob and I talked about branding your first product online and how that translates into more product sales.