Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Your Genius

fantastic beasts

*Hippogriff in flight: Image property of Warner Bros.*

If you’re not a Harry Potter fan, then that headline may not have made much sense.

I’ll bring you up to speed really quick (don’t worry, this isn’t a movie review).

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is part of the wizarding world, but it’s pre-Harry Potter (and takes place in New York, after WWI).

The main character is Newt Scamander and he’s the ‘beast whisperer’ (that was my attempt at a smidge of humor). His ‘thing’ is that he understands all the beasts (animals) of the wizarding world.

He’s traveled the world to collect these beasts, save them from extinction and study them. He understands them and protects them.

This is his ‘genius.’

As a young boy studying wizardry at Hogwarts (Newt is British), he never felt like he fit in. His affinity for beasts separated him from his peers. He felt more comfortable with the beasts than his fellow wizards.

I kind of get that feeling.

When I started my business and fell in love with WordPress it truly was “ignorance is bliss.” I didn’t know enough about online marketing, the WordPress community or what this would look like to have any pre-conceived ideas about what I should do (or the domain named I claimed which in and of itself implies a lot).

The more I learned the more I wondered where I fit in.

I’m not a programmer (and have zero desire to be one) but I’m also not someone who shies away from the technical side of things. For a long time I held myself back because of that fun thing we call ‘imposter syndrome’.

Fast forward a few years and I’d had enough. I decided to take what I felt held me back and really “own it.”

Take a look at a couple interesting stats I found online about WordPress:
– As of June of this year, there were 76.5 million blogs built on WordPress.
– There are 50,000 new WordPress websites added DAILY.

Clearly there’s plenty to go around… regardless of the area of expertise.

What I enjoy most is breaking things down for the everyday user / entrepreneur who wants to use WordPress to grow a business. Just like my podcast intro says… “no boring code snippets here”…

I think that’s part of my own ‘genius’. My ability to explain things in a way that doesn’t make someone want to throw their computer through the window (I’ve had those moments too).

So let me ask you this…are you overlooking your own genius in your business?

Often times we overlook those things that are easy for us. We assume because we know it that everyone else must also.

I can assure you this couldn’t be further from the truth.

I have no doubt you have a skill or understanding of something that will solve a problem for someone else (and get them closer to their goal in half the time).

Which brings me to… (no, it’s not a course on courses)…

My Thrive Opt-in funnel course.


A simple course that walks you through creating your own opt-in Funnel with Thrive.
– 5 Videos
– A checklist & PDF guide
– a follow up email sequence
– 3 page templates for an opt-in funnel that converted at 29%
– bonus giveaway template so you can run your own giveaways!

Get the Thrive Opt-in Funnel Course here
If you get the course now you’re grandfathered in to all future updates (Thrive 2.0 is on the horizon…so I’ll be updating all the videos when that comes out).

I’ll be adding a few more videos (changes to the builder, optimizing your page, adding tracking scripts) in December. And no… that’s not a ploy to get you to buy now, just a note as to what’s coming (nor is it a promise the price won’t go up. #justsayin).

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