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Julie Harris from Julie Harris Design has joined me for today’s podcast. Julie is a creative business consultant and brand designer. Before she started her current online job, she had a day job in a bank in Hawaii. Julie didn’t know what she wanted to go or what direction to go in. She studied more to do with design and got heavily into social media. She got a degree in marketing and started blogging to share her thoughts.

Julie now has Julie Harris Design which is a digital creative studio that she built herself and it’s also an online business platform. She aims to work with bloggers, creators, small business owners, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and individuals who are looking to create a digital platform to share their thoughts, ideas, businesses, wisdom, just to create a space that looks, acts, sounds, and feels exactly like they do. Julie also helps her clients better define who they are and what they do. Coming up with strategies to get them to be more productive and proactive with their time online. She further helps to reach their target audiences, providing value to their followers, and creating something authentically them that they can maintain and manage and grow within the future.

In this podcast, we touched on many things including human connection – sending out cards, postcards, or newsletters to clients. Going out of your way to make that personal connection to show they’re important to you beyond an email. It doesn’t have to be expensive at all, just a simple ‘thank you’ card. Everyone feels special when they receive something like this!

Questions I Asked Julie:

  1. What brought you here? What were you doing before you launched this?
  2. You were not specifically trained in design at all?
  3. What are your thoughts on businesses evolving as the web does?
  4. What is Julie Harris design all about?
  5. When you were starting your business, what were some of the challenges that you faced when you decided to launch Julie Harris Design?

What You’re Going to Learn

  • The human connection strategy Julie uses when working with her clients on their branding and positioning
  • Two common mistakes that Julie sees people making, what those mistakes are and how she would fix them
  • The guidance and/or direction she gives to her clients
  • Her thoughts on clients wanting the branding to be perfect and using that as an excuse for not launching
  • Her perspective on her clients fear of showing up uniquely as themselves
  • Something fun that people may not know about her

Where to connect with Julie

Julie Harris Design

Connect with Julie on Facebook

Branding by Julie on Pinterest

Julie on Twitter


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