How to Explode Your Email List By Creating a FREE Course

Learn EXACTLY how to explode your email list with a quality free course that won't take you months to create and converts into sales!


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What’s Inside:

Day 1 Welcome & Overview

4 Lessons in total. We’ll cover why it’s time to stop doing the same boring lead magnet, why a free course is the way to go, and who it ultimately attracts.

Day 2 What to Create

The 4 lessons in Module 2 cover how to decide what course to create as well as showing you an example course. We’ll cover what to include and how much to give (you don’t need to give away everything).

Day 3 Delivering Your Course

In Module 3 there are three lessons on delivering your course. We’ll cover content delivery and content formats. We’ll also cover how you’re going to document the process and why you’ll need this later.

Day 4 Pre-marketing

The 3 lessons in Module 4 are where the excitement starts to build. I’m going to show you what to do BEFORE your course is live, how to get people interested, and which marketing channels will create the most buzz!

Day 5 Releasing Your FREE Course

Four lessons on why you’re releasing your course (not “launching” it), From opening the doors to engaging with subscribers. You’ll learn how to collect student success stories and the ultimate way to communicate with your subscribers.

Bonus Ongoing Promotion

Now that your free course is live and you’re building a list of quality subscribers, it’s time to create a promotion machine to continue the growth. We’ll cover what to do once your course is live, how to measure and make adjustments, whether you want to offer bonuses and how to ascend people into your paid offer.


Forget the Same Old Tired Lead Magnets...

Create something that ACTUALLY helps people

This isn't about 'giving away the farm'. I won't be telling you to take a paid product and give it away... I'm going to show you exactly what I did to create a product that provides massive value, connects with your subscribers, and builds a quality list!


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