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Today’s episode is long overdue (as many of them seem to be the last couple of months! Things will get back on track in January, just bear with me).

I’ve tried my hand with a few different email marketing options – Aweber, MailChimp, and Infusionsoft. I’m currently using Infusionsoft (although I still have my Aweber account, but that’s another story) and am actually looking at a new option that I don’t think many of you have heard of (I hadn’t heard of it until someone recently mentioned it to me), but more on that in another post.

Of the three options, I would have to say that Aweber is still my favorite.

While I love the way MailChimp looks, I don’t think the dashboard is as intuitive as it could be. Both Aweber and MailChimp lack the functionality of Infusionsoft (being able to tag and segment subscribers. The closest they come to either of those options is creating multiple lists, which gets tedious after a while).

This is my second time around with Infusionsoft and it’s still as frustrating as it was the first time, even with the campaign builder. I don’t understand why the emails aren’t responsive (seems like this would be a priority and while I know Infusionsoft has grown tremendously over the last few years this needs to be addressed) and why the drag & drop builder is so clunky. The dashboard is also not intuitive… but I digress. My love/hate relationship with Infusionsoft is not what this post is about.

Erin Howard  of Streamline Internet Marketing

I connected with Erin earlier in the year when she reached out to do some coaching with me. We set a 3 month period to work together and then Erin extended it for another three months. One of my absolute most favorite things when working with coaching clients is to figure out where they have a passion, skills, and knowledge to create value for their audience.


That’s the role email marketing plays in Erin’s business.

Having spent time working for a large corporation managing their email marketing Erin knows a thing or two and this subject AND… manages it for many of her own clients. Having used MailChimp for multiple clients I knew there was an opportunity to dive a little deeper into providing something that people really needed… a step by step guide to using MailChimp!

In this interview, I asked Erin about her journey in building an online business as well as some important things everyone needs to know when it comes to email marketing (I swear it’s almost a part time job in and of itself when you’re getting started!).

Erin has also offered my listeners a special offer on her MailChimp Essentials book… something you definitely want to take her up on if you’re using MailChimp or thinking about making the move to MailChimp!

You can get the MailChimp Essentials book here

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MailChimp Essentials book

Streamline Internet Marketing

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  1. Thank you Kim for this podcast! I have been looking for a detailed resource on MailChimp and have not been able to find one. I get questions that sometimes I am not able to answer so I will definitely check out Erin’s MailChimp book and possibly use it as a guide to teach others.

    1. Hi Regina,

      I actually thought of you when Erin told me she was writing this book! You should definitely get Erin’s book and connect with her as well – she’s a wealth of information when it comes to MailChimp and email marketing in general!

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