I have been a ConvertKit customer for years and thought I was pretty good at email automation, but it is only after taking Mastering ConvertKit that I have truly understood and been able to unlock its true potential.

I knew that Brennan Dunn was clever at email automation, but looking over his shoulder and gaining insight into the processes he implements in his own business has been enlightening. This course takes using ConvertKit to the next level.


Jo Berrington


I set up Brennans initial automation and sequences, by the book, in March. Up to then, my email funnel converted 5-10 of my yearly memberships per month. This had been the usual for the last year.

Since turning on the new automation, I now get about 5 times that. This has added 5 figures to my sales each month, and is still rising. Many thanks to Brennan and team for the excellent strategy and course. It's made a quicker and more noticeable difference to my business and income than anything else I've tried over the last 5 years.


Allen Matthews


For the last few weeks, my family and I have been basically living at a children’s hospital whilst our daughter has been fighting cancer. Since this whole thing started I've had zero time or energy to focus on work. However, sales have continued to come in for my courses/ebooks. In fact, the rate of sales has even increased slightly.

This is all thanks to the systems I have in place, largely thanks to Mastering ConvertKit, so I just wanted to drop you a huge thank you for everything you're doing. This stuff works!


Jon Hilton


What's Included

2x weekly group calls over 4 weeks

Every Monday, I'll show you what we'll be working on that week and dig in to the technicals. Every Thursday, we'll meet as a group and I'll answer any questions you have or review your work live. (Calls will be at 12pm Eastern US time and last up to 2 hours.)

Private Slack community

We'll keep in touch throughout the week in Slack. And on Friday's, we'll have "show and tell" – you'll be able to share what you've been working on that week and get feedback from the group.

Intentionally small & intimate

Only 10 people will be in each cohort. This will ensure the calls and discussions are close-knit, and that I'm able to individually help everyone (without personally getting overwhelmed!)

12-weeks of support

While the live component of the class lasts 4 weeks, the Slack group will exist for 12 weeks. During this time, you'll continue to share what you're working on with your cohort and have DM access to me.

1-on-1 coaching + strategy call

A few weeks after your cohort completes, we'll get on a private Zoom call and I'll go over all your work, provide any additional recommendations, and make some recommendations on what I recommend next for you.

Recordings of everything

Every call, along with your 1-on-1 with me, will be saved as both a video and audio file. No need to worry about taking notes during any of the live sessions.

Who's leading this group?

My name is Brennan Dunn, and I'm the host of Mastering ConvertKit: Live.

I've been dabbling in marketing automation for over 10 years now. First with Mailchimp, then Infusionsoft, later Drip, and now I've finally settled on ConvertKit. Over the years, I've spoken at numerous conferences, hosted workshops, and have appeared on dozens of podcasts extolling the virtues of email marketing done right.

I can't wait to work with you!

A bit of a funny anecdote: before Nathan Barry started ConvertKit, he and I would host private marketing workshops around the world (here's a video "trailer" of one we did in London.) It's amazing how things have come full circle!


Brennan is one of the smartest marketers I know. One of the reasons he connects so deeply with his audience is the way he structures his email marketing system to create a personalized experience for every subscriber.


Barrett Brooks

COO @ ConvertKit