Everything Is Content

The Summer Session of Everything is Content


BONUS! Pre-Course Workshop

You want your content to drive sales, right?
This pre-course workshop will help you outline, and create a low-ticket, core offer that your content drives sales to.

Define & Create Your ONE Thing

This lesson teaches you how to establish your unique content philosophy with a focus on your core offer.

Identify & Engage Your Audience

Define, understand and engage your audience. Go beyond demographics (let's have some fun!)

Storytelling for Connection & Conversions

Learn effective storytelling to enhance content engagement and conversions.

Your Content Types & Creation

Optimize content types and creation process using AI and your ONE thing.

Implement & Promote

Plan and execute a content promotion strategy with AI & a content workflow.

Review & Refine

Measure and refine the content strategy based on analytics.

BONUS! Wrap up, summary & celebration!

We'll recap the key concepts, tools, and strategies introduced throughout the course, highlighting how each component contributes to a cohesive content strategy.

CELEBRATE! We'll share examples of successful implementations, milestones, and more!

Hi! I'm Kim Doyal

Thanks for your interest in the first Summer Session of "Everything is Content."

I'm on a mission to make content creation and marketing, a whole lot easier (and way more fun).

"Everything is Content" is the LAST content strategy you'll ever need when you understand and apply the framework.

With AI it's easier than ever to create quality content, using your own authentic stories to create connection and increase conversions.

You'll walk away with strategies, tools, and a complete content workflow that sets you up for attracting the right subscribers and customers, consistently all while creating connection.

Plus, I promise we'll have a ton of fun. 

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